Wuxia Notice

You know, I think I shouldn’t just recycle a two or so week old notice, so I’m making a new one.


So this guy is translating Zhan Xian, I’ve found. Being perfectly honest, it’s not the best quality (for grammar and accuracy), but I hope it can improve a lot, so things like technique names will be accurate. See my rewritten version and compare it to the old one to see what I mean.

But on to the next point. With this novel being translated, as well as other wuxia novels being translated, I want to hear suggestions for another one to do, since I’m interested in wuxia/xianxia. But not completed or ongoing translations, of course. I’ve been on shushu and seen the top novels, but I want to know which ones are worth doing. AKA which ones are epic novels.

Doing a new one called Martial God Space.


43 thoughts on “Wuxia Notice

  1. I would suggest asking for ideas on scpnet.tv after all that’s pretty much the mother of all wuxia/xianxia translations


        1. After briefly looking at the ‘reason for dropping’ it seems like it would be difficult to translate. But I’ll read it to see some time later. But someone else will probably be doing it by the time I’m finished with that~


            1. But working with others means you have their work to deal with. Like when you wanna translate some term, or sentence or phrase and you have conflicting opinions over what would be correct. I’ll ask the person questions.


          1. how true.. that I cannot help you as not a TL-er. But I hope you can decide on the best route for you. I will accept anything you decide 🙂

            P.S just saying: actually, if you looked at the dates on when he and you released the chapters, you were the first one to release it (April 19 vs April 28) just saying tho 🙂 meant no harm


            1. I know that, but in the very beginning I actually wanted someone else to to it, but after some days of deliberating, I wanted to translate it, but since school was making me busy I didn’t have the chance to do the ‘rewrite’ earlier.


          2. i see 🙂 thats a hard decision to make (school or TL-ing).. btw, why a rewrite? I think the quality is just nice.

            so, have you come to a decision?


            1. The guy didn’t reply to my email yet. And srsly, take a look at the rewrite and the original, it’s so much better and I even got the skill names too: blood escaping art and exploding art. If he wants to keep doing it, then I’ll do something else.


          3. with google translator, I roughly understand it 🙂 quite interested in the dimensional space and lingzhi! oh, congrats on finding one xD when will you release the project?


          4. awesome 🙂 take your time.. i guess nobody is in a hurry xD and early thanks for the new project! hope it gets popular with the readers


          5. will do! But honestly, I think that reading “Valkyrie space” is nicer than Wu Shen Kong Jian xD just me tho…


          6. lol. yeah, google translator is lousy indeed! so, if 女武神 is Valkyrie, then 武神 is? 空间 is definitely space right? 🙂


          7. Martial God Space, such a splendid name 🙂 reminds me of MGA (Martial God Asura) xD

            nice blog renovation! rarely able to see the process of a blog being renovated 🙂 black -> blue -> purple


          8. a wonderful theme indeed! but sadly no cover picture 🙂 lol.
            i think so? xD not that familiar with chinese.. and google messes me up.. but just looking at the title is satisfying! Martial God Space! thanks again


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