Zhan Xian

Beheading Immortal – 斩仙

Over 1000 chapters. This guy is doing it. Link

Past life, Yang Chen was good to people, oppressed life. Rebirth, Yang Chen chose to become the executioner, under the executioner’s sword mediates gratitude and grudges, chop chop to the common people in the thousands. The world of humans cuts the human! The world of monsters beheads the monster! The world of demons beheads the demon! The world of immortals beheads the immortal! …

Raw – http://shushu.com.cn/b_vfa.htm

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13 thoughts on “Zhan Xian

  1. hey can you start with chapter 6 ? 😀 since lordofscrubs already translated until chapter 5
    good luck with this project 😉


    1. The thing is…this novel is harder than a **** when it comes to translating. The first chapter was relatively easy compared to chapter six.

      So, because I’ll be racking my brain figuring out how to make so and so into this and that, I probably won’t do it. Soz.


      1. LMAO. Makes sense to me. I saw what you wrote earlier about it and figured the real reason Scrubs stopped was because it probably got harder as it went on
        There are plenty of others out there and even though this one showed some promise from the first 6 chapters… there are plenty more that do as well that aren’t so difficult to translate. I may put the word out to Ren though just to see what he says….


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