E? Heibon Desu yo??

Eh? That’s Normal??


This is the digested version, so it lacks detail compared to the LN.eRmgdGIl

Yukari was a high school student when she died in a traffic accident, but when she woke up, she had been reincarnated as the daughter of a count in another world! But strangely, what was waiting for her was a life of poverty, so she decided to make use of the knowledge from her previous life. – Taken from Batoto

There’s a manga for this too!

Raw – http://ncode.syosetu.com/n3791w/
Wayback – A Link to the Past
(Credits to the novel’s illustrator)

Used their translations to help a bit

Book 1 – The person who spins fate
Prologue – High School Girl Yukari Tachibana
Part 1 – The Count Oliviria’s daughter 1
Part 2 – The Count Oliviria’s daughter 2
Part 3 – The Count Oliviria’s daughter 3
Extra – Character introduction
Read all

Book 2 – The person who draws fate
Part 1 – The Flower Maiden Liliana 1
Part 2 – The Flower Maiden Liliana 2
Part 3 – The Flower Maiden Liliana 3
Read all


38 thoughts on “E? Heibon Desu yo??

    1. I just found out its the digested version so it has less detail, but I’ll continue working on it every once in a while, just finish festin first.when re tl started transferring it it’ll be the full version


      1. Hi, I myself noticed that this version is missing alot of detail having read the previous translation will you be continuing translating the digest or will you switch to the full version when you get back to this?


        1. I’m not too sure if I can get the full version without buying it, but i hope re:translations resumes tl’ing it, so I can read it for the “full” experience. I might continue tl’ing the digested, but right now I’m not too sure.


            1. I appreciate the thought, but since I am a machine translator, I’m not sure if scanning the entire book to translate it will work. What I am using right now is just a couple of websites which translates a webpage, so I can’t help but wonder if there would be something that could recognise the characters and help me. Maybe the full version could be gotten online, idk.


  1. there’s a technique in getting the full chapters from NCode. It doesnt always work *pats Tsuyokute New Saga*

    Its Megaladon.jp and web.archive.com

    Have fun using it for your future projects, and heibon.

    Vidar’s currently translating from the LIGHT NOVEL (oh yes, he paid money for it.) but everything else should be from the webnovel.



    1. I’m not sure if that will work with this. I checked it, but maybe I didn’t do it correctly. Anyways, glad to see I’m not being persecuted for tl-ing this. 😀 Also, do you have any news with Shinka no Mi, I heard that when someone tl-ed one chapter, he was raged at by the team doing it, even though they haven’t released a chapter in a while. I want to read it. D: Thanks for trying to helping.


      1. Shinka no Mi currently has Binjhamin (Sayonara Ryuusei’s TL…) but he lazy haha. SOli is irl rekt’d.

        For WebArchive, there should be a calendar on the top right. Click on the left button until you see non-Synopsis Versions of the Novel.

        This is like, not even doing the novel we’re doing because, translating digests hardly counts as one. + You’re doing the WebNovel, while Vidar is doing the Light Novel.


        1. Well I hope Binj translates it for a long time. Thanks for the clarification for web archive, too. But it seems that, other than the original web novel itself, the digested version is the best. To your knowledge, Is the author still updating the digested version? Since the original web novel stopped (right?), I shouldn’t do it. As much as becoming Hiatus Man appeals to me, I don’t think it’ll be the best thing to do.


          1. eeh.. but mathematics method makes me sleepy.. i cant concentrate without some toys or food with me.. zzz*pop* err.. were was i… i barely got a pass in calculus..
            and there is always hope for meatbun! meatbun can multiply and study twice as fast.. [message Evilmeatbun: brother please help me study.. T_T ..again]


  2. I realize that there’s a chapter in the web novel that I didn’t find in the LN version.
    The one that mentioned a lady who owned a restaurant (apparently the Lord’s mother aka the MC’s grandmother) , where she received the tools and recipe to make “modern” food.


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