Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-26

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Sorry, I was feeling extremely lazy recently.

02-26Complete school martial arts tournament

February the thirteenth, this day hit this month’s third holiday. Alysia faced her desk studying magic and sorcery. The contents mainly was the way to develop new systems or magic and sorcery.

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Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-25

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Yesterday I planned to release two chapters, but I was sick. So I just finished one today.

02-25 – Mystic katana

When Alysia noticed, inside a strange colour, she stood in that space. Kurobi stooped over before her eyes, staring at Alysia’s face.

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Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-24

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Author: It was short this time, but I made it Extra Episode-like only at the time of the bloodsucking. Even if it’s skipped over it’s alright.
Just to be sure, I’d say R-12.


Chapter 02-24 – Two girls’ bloodsucking act

The four who had returned from the Imperial capital prepared for lessons which will resume tomorrow, instantly taking a bath and sleeping.

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Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-23

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02-23 – Jump landing

Alysia had finished filling out the whole form, at last, Rish had woken up and woke Claire, together with Fian and Sheriana. Today is the second day of the holiday, tomorrow are lessons, so returning to the academy is a must. Furthermore, Alysia had to send Rish to the castle, in addition, it was necessary to speak to the King about the issue of the attack a bit more. It was only the second day of the holiday and it was possible to say adverse effects had come to the Imperial capital, the first day had become a considerably busy day.

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