WuShenKongJian – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Mysterious space

The Yi Yuan school, situated on top of the Qing Feng mountain, stretching an extreme length. It was now the midsummer season, in the sky, the sun slowly fell down, the setting sun drawing a long shadow.

On the lakeside of one – not very large – small lake sat an around seventeen or eighteen-year-old black-clothed teenager grabbed a block of stone from the lakeside and threw it out, immediately making several splashes in the lake.

Ye Xiwen was somewhat at a loss, he didn’t expect he suddenly crossed through. Originally, Ye Xiwen was in 21st Century Earth and previously was only an ordinary university student. A month before, he finally accepted the fact that he crossed through. As a matter of fact, it was not someone pranking him, rather he really crossed through.

Being in this world for already over a month, he was slowly able to accept the fact that here was not Earth. Even though the local conditions and customs here resembled ancient China, he knew that here was not Earth, but was the Zhen Wu Jie world.

This was a martial world, martial arts spawning countless years of history. In this world, martial arts spawned splendid civilisations. Formidable warrior practitioners reaching the apex can move mountains and drain seas, cut into mountains and split rock, even lifespan was prolonged indefinitely.

Ye Xiwen’s identity now was the Yi Yuan school elder’s third son, but also an adopted son that the father, Ye Kongming, came back with eighteen years ago. Inside the school, this was not regarded as a secret.

The Yi Yuan school was one of the Da Yue country’s most rich and powerful large sects, as said by experts.

But, located on top of the Qing Feng mountain was only one of the Yi Yuan school’s branches amongst the Da Yue country’s Yi Yuan schools. Those resembling the Yi Yuan school’s branches were many, specialised to transport talents to Yi Yuan school’s head school.

Ye Xiwen’s cultivation was only at the Houtian third stage, at his age this cultivation could only be considered ordinary.

In Zhen Wu Jie, warriors stepping into martial arts begin at the Houtian first stage, continuously climbing until the Houtian ninth stage. As for above Houtian, it’s Xiantian, as for how Xiantian was divided, Ye Xiwen just did not know. After all, the Yi Yuan school’s school master’s ability was at the Xiantian domain level.

The Yi Yuan school altogether was divided into the outer sect, the inner sect, finally the core’s third level was the core disciple level. The core disciple level, afterwards, were able to leave for the Yi Yuan school’s head school to participate in an examination to enter the head school.

The level of the Yi Yuan school’s disciples wasn’t really divided according to age, rather it was divided according to the strength of the Houtian nine mortal body domains. After cultivating to the domain level of the third stage, then you would be able to ascend to the inner sect from the outer sect. After cultivating to the fifth stage, then you were able to promote to the core. And if you wanted to participate in the Yi Yuan school’s main school’s examination, the minimum requirement was the seventh stage.

The requirement can’t be not high. Ye Xiwen predecessor’s aptitude was average, this year he was eighteen years old, but his cultivation was just recently practiced to the late third stage. This kind of achievement, although not regarded as strange, can only merely be considered ordinary.

Ye Xiwen, inside the Yi Yuan inner sect, was merely one very ordinary disciple among inner sect disciples. Though unlike respected core disciples, but also not resembling the generally low-status outer sect disciples. Plus his father was the Yi Yuan school’s elder, thus he was still usually regarded as not bad.

Only he did not receive too much attention. Ye Xiwen’s predecessor’s aptitude was too ordinary. The Houtian late third stage within inner sect disciples could only be considered intermediate, especially compared with his two elder siblings. Even more so, his eldest brother, Ye Feng, was only twenty-one years old this year and was already at the Houtian peak eighth stage. Inside the school, he was super-talented. And his elder sister, Ye Ruxue was only a year older than him and had also already reached the Houtian seventh stage.

In such a case, he certainly did not attract attention!


Behind Ye Xiwen came a rustling sound in the woods. A fatty, seventeen or eighteen-year-old silk-clothed man jumped out from behind the bushes. Ye Xiwen’s face exposed a bit of a smile. This man was called Wang Lie, he was a great close friend from childhood. His home was a rich household below the Qing Feng mountain in the town of Qing Feng and had a very close relationship with the Yi Yuan school. Ever since Wang Lie was young, he was sent up the mountain for training. The two’s relationship was superb.

Naturally, the two’s talents were the same, Ye Xiwen was at the late third stage. Wang Lie, compared to Ye Xiwen, was stronger, at the peak third stage. This was a reason the two have been very close.

“It is already evening, you did not go back to rest. What did you come here to do?” Ye Xiwen asked with a smile.

“It’s not being worried about you?” Wang Lie said smilingly. “You were always acting strange lately, the Gods talked on endlessly!”

“Rest assured, nothing is the matter!” Ye Xiwen said.

Nothing more than adapting from crossing over from Earth!

“You are at the critical time of breaking through to the fourth stage, and still not behind closed doors.” Ye Xiwen said. Houtian third stage can only be considered ordinary within the inner sect disciples, but Houtian fourth stage were the elite in the inner sect’s disciples. Even if it was only a difference of one stage, the status was as different as heaven and earth.

“Hey, I came to try to find you just for this matter. I plan to go behind closed doors, probably for a long time. But recently the Gods have been talking endlessly, I’m a little worried.” Wang Jie looked somewhat anxious and said to Ye Xiwen. He grew up with Ye Xiwen since childhood. Although the two were always boisterous and frivolous, he was actually very concerned about his brother, and, of course, he never imaged that his brother had already been substituted.

“Go rest assured, what matter can I have?” Ye Xiwen laughed, “It’s getting late, you go back first, I’ll sit for a moment then go!”

“Good, do not be late, take care not to come across demon beasts!” Wang Lie urged.

The Yi Yuan school was situated on the Qing Feng mountain, amongst the mountain were some very fierce demon beasts, these demon beasts all possessed the magical power of terrible beasts. Compared with ordinary beasts they were much stronger, only warriors had the ability to equal them.

“En, I know!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

Although he said that, here in the Yi Yuan school’s local vicinity were no demon beasts. But it was also a troublesome thing in the case a formidable demon beast ran out and did not play by the rules and he’d be crying and weeping without a place to go.

The demon beasts on this mountain were too many, he also had no alternative but to protect himself. The reason why the Yi Yuan school was situated on such a mountain was to intimidate the mountain’s many demon beasts in order to avoid the demon beasts from descending the mountain to disturb the people. Although, it was impossible to block all demon beasts, always one or two escaped the net. But the bottom of the mountain also had a dojo to practice martial arts to build up one’s strength, and the warriors were also many, thus, it didn’t matter.

Because of this relationship, the Yi Yuan school’s disciples on the outside always received respect. Within twenty-five kilometres in this regard, wherever they walked they were respected at a glance.

Wang Lie finished speaking, then turned around to depart. Although his build was plump, he was a martial artist after all. Moving gracefully, he rapidly disappeared into the thickets.

Ye Xiwen sat for a moment, just on the verge of leaving when he suddenly caught a glimpse of the lake, multi-coloured light rays burst crazily, covering the lake for a split second, once more immediately recovering its tranquility.

Ye Xiwen was very doubting, how were multi-coloured rays possible, could it be that some strange treasure was inside, thinking here, Ye Xiwen stood up somewhat excited. In the case that there was some strange treasure, then he would truly flourish.

After deciding, Ye Xiwen abruptly dived into the water, submerging unceasingly. Regardless of his previous life or this life, Ye Xiwen’s swimming ability was very good.

Ye Xiwen slowly submerged, slowly approaching the centre of the lake. This was actually a very ordinary lake, no demon beasts existed within the water. In such a location, the Yi Yuan school’s experts had already eradicated them, therefore Ye Xiwen was not worried about coming across any dangerous demon beasts.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes to look, just seeing a small, multi-coloured ball of light laying calming inside the centre of the lake. Yes, that’s right. Ye Xiwen felt it laying there.

Ye Xiwen did not feel any danger, only thinking that it was very gentle. Immediately slowly diving, coming to its side.

Ye Xiwen extended his hand, grabbing the ball of multi-coloured rays of light. Suddenly, the multi-coloured light rays issued a fierce, bright light. Instantly leaping inside Ye Xiwen’s body afterwards.

Ye Xiwen was alarmed, looking again, he saw that the multi-coloured ball of light at the centre of the lake had already vanished.

Ye Xiwen promptly surfaced, swimming to the shore, repeatedly gasping for air. Furthermore, still in somewhat of a panicked state. Inspecting his whole body he discovered it was not short of anything, easing him down.

He used Zhen Qi to evaporate droplets of water. Just about to go back, Ye Xiwen suddenly discovered that a piece of dusky, special space appeared inside his mind.

This was a very strange situation, obviously only in the Xiantian domain level can one look inside, looking at every vein in your own body. But it so happens that Ye Xiwen was able to sense the very mysterious space within his mind.

Ye Xiwen found that as long as he held his breath, he could feel the presence of such a space. Ye Xiwen thought it was all too strange, also not daring to stay in this lake, he dashed all the way back at once, returning to the inside of his small courtyard. So much as without the time to greet his parents.

Qing Feng mountain was incomparably vast, and the area the Yi Yuan school covered was also unusually wide. Not much else but many houses. In addition, Ye Kongming was also an elder inside the Yi Yuan school, a high position of power. Ye Xiwen, after growing into adulthood, was separated to living in the small courtyard close to his parents’ home.

Ye Xiwen, still in a panicked state, returned inside his home. At this time, the sky was already pitch-black.

Ye Xiwen held his breath, completely concentrating his attention. Immediately, that special space, appeared in Ye Xiwen’s mind yet again. Ye Xiwen, not as usual, did not relax his mind, rather he continued to hold his breath.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen saw black before his eyes, abruptly appearing inside a piece of chaos. Ye Xiwen was immediately with great alarm, but he reacted quickly. Here was not an other place, rather it was the piece of space inside his mind. In this period of time, he had seen it many times, so he quickly recognised it.

It should be unlikely that he entirely came in, possibly a portion of his soul came in. But for what the use this space was, he currently did not know.

But soon, Ye Xiwen quickly discovered a problem, he could not get out. There was simply no exit. No matter how he walked, in the midst of chaos, the surrounding landscape was also exactly the same.

Since it’s a bit confusing, here’s what happened to the MC. He switched/took over the ‘old’ Ye Xiwen’s body. Since he has the memories of the ‘old’ Ye Xiwen, he can practice martial arts.


28 thoughts on “WuShenKongJian – Chapter 1

  1. No intention to ofence

    But personally I dont like the wuxia

    Almost all are martial artist theme. They can be cool in a manga or anime, but in a novel is very complicate to imagine

    Pd: For me the only real martial artist storys are Dragon Ball, Yuyu Hakusho and Kenshin


      1. Yeahh i love this kind of story. I was raised by wuxia kind of story lois cha and gu long was read in my early age then huang yi in my adulhood. Right now im reading tomatoes work, tang jia shan shao, shi luo ye, ergen in english on several translations web. The modern wuxia which some called it xianxia is alot easier to read than those old time wuxia. And i like them all.


        1. I got hooked by coiling dragon. At first, the synopsis of it looked weird, as did Douluo Dalu, but since I ran out of stuff to read, I just tried them out. And lo and behold, they are awesome. Stellar transformations, alchemist god, etc.
          How did I almost miss out on these because I didn’t like the synopsis?


          1. EChinese web novel writer mostly cant write great synopsis like japanese and korean writer. Some of them somehow develope the story while writing on it so obviously the synopsis would be bad because the synopsis itself only cover 1 arc of the story, after the stories develope on more intense their somehow forget to added some of the later stories. And also chinese wn mc is never have psychological problem, overly brave, a wimp, indecisive leader or coward like some japanese wn. The mc always pictured as genuinely genius, cunning, decisive leader and some of them is liked by alotof ladies. This kind if mc make me mostly love to reading chinese wn, i have enough to wimpy, indecisive and ugly mc from japanese wn. Actually japanese wn is not bad, it just a matter of taste of writer selections of main character not some story or character development. Of course chinese writer seemingly gave great story and character development too. It just is so easy to love a story with a lovable character.


  2. Hi, thx for the chapter(s), but I find it quite hard to read. Sometimes commas are used too much, sometimes sentence doesn’t makes sense as whole. Good example would be “The Yi Yuan school altogether was divided into the outer sect, the inner sect, the three core disciple rank, finally, the core disciple rank, afterwards, are able to leave for the Yi Yuan school’s head school to participate in an examination.”
    From next paragraph I understood there are 3 sects, but in this sentence it looks like 4 – outer, inner, three core, core
    If I understood meaning right it should be something like “The Yi Yuan school altogether was divided into the outer sect, the inner sect and core disciple rank. The core disciple rank are able to leave for the Yi Yuan school’s head school to participate in an examination.”
    It would probably be better to use more and shorter sentences than one extra long.


  3. minor issue:
    “Good, do nt be late, take care to come across demon beasts!” Wang Lie urged.

    should be:
    “Good, do not be late, take care not to come across demon beasts!” Wang Lie urged.

    thanks for bringing a new series. this looks nice. hoping you wont drop this.


  4. I’m happy to see another wuxia/xianxia translation project, but this 1st chapter is quite a mess. (Author’s fault.)
    MC is transported, but we don’t know how or what happened with the original inhabitant of the body. We don’t know how he is able to use martial techniques when he is originally from earth and so on. I hope this will be explained in the future and won’t become another useless plot-hole like in a lot of other story, just because the writer wanted to copy the current trend or was too lazy to deal with the MC’s childhood.
    I really liked in Doluo Dalu, Desolate Era and Ni Tian Xie Shen how the transition was shown in the story, and also how their previous life experiences influenced the personality.


    1. A bit sloppy, I agree. But what basically happens is that he switches bodies with someone, or possibly completely takes over the body. Because the ‘old’ body practiced martial arts, the MC can do it too, it was shown in here that he has his ‘old’ body’s memories. But yeah, it started out kinda confusing. I’ll add a note on the chapter so people don’t go like wtf happened.


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