So, as people probably have realised, there has been no updates recently, reason being:

I don’t feel like it.

Soz mateys but Ima laze guy and lost mah motiv, mayb sum time laterz

Have a picture of committing sudoku in the meantime



66 thoughts on “Thingy

      1. Nope! not back..
        *sneakily goes back out* *drop Report*
        |Name :GonZ |
        |Subject1 Grade : B+|
        |Subject2 Grade : C |
        |Subject3 Grade : C- |
        |Subject4 Grade : E |


          1. Distributed Programing, Data mining, digital image processing, Numerical Method
            and it’s not necessary in that order(because i’m too ashamed to admit the ‘E’) T_T


            1. i’m still bitter about it.. but, *changing attidude* i’ll probably get over it after reading a few translated chapter lol.. there’s always next semester *changed again* …hopefully the last one… *crouching on a corner* …


            2. now you’re just teasing me, arent you.. uuu.. *pout* … i need to eat something to relieve stress now.. lol
              just a bit of fact: my weight is ~68 kg don’t mock me being fat! or you’ll feel a 68 kilo meatbun stomping you lol
              jokes aside i’m not that worried cause most those subject is optional so i dont need to worry about the ‘C’. i just wish that ‘E’ turn to a ‘D’ through Assignment .. so i don’t have to repeat that one.. cause it’s a really hard subject to me and i don’t wanna relive that horror ever again..


            3. For numerical method and distributed programming, which book are you using ? The art of programming by donald knuth ?
              I know data minibg, but not sure why you have digital image processing as subject. Seems very different than the other 3 subject.


            4. since i’m a stingy meatbun, i don’t buy books.. i usually writes what the teacher say or write in the classroom and if i really don’t know about a specific part i ask friends.. i’ll ask the teacher them self if i have to, before going to a library and finding a reference book.. i tend to learn more by listening than by reading.
              digital image processing is an optional subject.. i mostly learn it so that i can make those picture that can have two or more image impression on the human eye
              (Target: make every picture i find have a meatbun image.
              i will invade every human mind muahaha..)


            5. ever seen a 68KG Meatbun before? no? imagine a baseball(your usual meatbun) and compare it to a exercise ball or (68KG meatbun).. other meatbun tell me i’m fat.. so i usually stomp on them or eat them.. >:) lol


  1. It’s obvious that your pecker will soften during translating Chinese novels.

    You really should concentrate on your Japanese series, like Eh Heibon Desu Yo~

    Your bird will sing right then~


    1. Talking about my little brother is…you’re getting too close, matey.
      I almost memorised the hira and kata, when writing it out I forget one or two, and I haven’t gotten to grammar yet.
      But I could do that for something different I guess, though ehby chapters are so long…and I dun want to split it into parts. Wuwuwu


  2. Good luck there, btw as the wskj spoiler all of you can read that from systrans its not that easy to understand but at least you will know the story further is good. Btw for you the guys over there try pinnacle of. Martial art or wu lin peak in gt the raw is Hope you get better and not losing any motivations anymore.

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  3. If you need to go laze about — do it! No one will blame (not too much πŸ™‚ ) you since you are human(are you? — sometimes you seem more than human…hmmm….)!

    Thank you for doing all these chapters! and have some virtual pineapple upside down cake with extra brown sugar on me πŸ™‚


      1. Aren’t all people who translate ‘more than human’ – – spending long hours (aka no sleep for days) for nothing except the comments of your readers…

        and since you aren’t a fan of pineapple…then have a virtual triple fudge chocolate cake on me πŸ™‚


        1. Well, no sleep for days is an exaggeration. The only time I stayed up to the next day was several years ago, lol. And comments are rewarding, seeing ppl go say their thanks, inquire bout stuff, start posting theories and what not, and the best part; beginning to cuss people out and engage in flame wars.
          chocofudge is good, brownies are good, chocobars are good, chocolate of the hot nature is good, chocolate of the iced nature is good, chocolate of the frozen nature, chocolate everything is good.

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  4. I just found this site today only to see that the translator is taking a hiatus!? Lol, welp i read whats already translated and move on to a site i haven’t been before. Thanks in advance for the chapters.


  5. You might as well try and and read fanfics in ’til you get your motivation back.. I suggest ‘Ragnarok’ and ‘Until Death’… They’re finished so you don’t have to wait…


    1. I’m reading fantasia, insania online, azalon, and the ones that aren’t updated much: don’t fear the reaper, and no longer a game.
      I started writing one bit, but I think I bit off more than I can chew with the amount of detail I tried to put in the game, but I would say that the prologue is good excluding that half of game stuff. Bit off way more especially since it’s my first time writing an actual fiction, ever.


  6. Dude, I love you (no homo, lol) for having such a straight forward reason and reasoning, you gave me a good laugh. XD
    Although i’m finding it weird (illuminate!? O.o) that so many translators (3 that i know of) are taking breaks/stockpiling chapters lately…


      1. Hatsune Miku & Gumi – Matryoshka: Alright, not trash, but not my cup of tea…but very addictive….

        [Full] Matryoshka – English: I like this one better.


        Best Cry Ever: O.o wth was he cryin like that?! Have you seen the dubstep version?

        Expand your musical horizons: listen to this at different speeds 1.25 – .5

        I’m sure there’s something up there for mostly everyone…
        Try to listen to the songs at different speeds.
        Since I know alot of people don’t like rap i <..> not to put any of that.
        I wonder if someone will actually listen to all of this. XD


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