WuShenKongJian – Chapter 6 – Fixed

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Bieber by JokerOfEden

Chapter 6 – Power of Two Tigers

“Strike Like Thunder and Move Like Wind!”

Inside a small grove by a mountain stream, a sharp and crisp shout suddenly exploded forth.

Within the woods, a silhouette’s shadow scuttled back and forth, hitting palm strike after palm strike, with each strike making a brilliant sound like a roaring burst of thunder.

“Peng!” A muffled sound echoed out. Wood chips flew out into the air. Spiderweb-like cracks appeared at the place where Ye Xiwen’s palm strike had landed.

With, a ‘kua ca’ sound, the tree Ye Xiwen had been hitting accordingly responded and timbered.

Ye Xiwen had already practiced the four forms of Rushing Thunder Hand to an exceptionally proficient degree. The execution of the technique was at his beck and call. Without any distractions, five days had gone by in a flash. Ye Xiwen’s body strength had already reached 995 jin, just a bit more and he would be able to break through to 1000 jin, which in comparison would be like the strength of two fierce tigers combined. Generally, only fifth rank warriors had the capability to reach a maximum strength of 1000 jin. Ye Xiwen’s strength was already closing in on this so called maximum limit, yet his cultivation had still not broken through to the Houtian fifth stage, though he could feel that he was extremely close.

As a result of his training, Ye Xiwen’s strength already drew extremely close to the power of two tigers. In addition, during this training period, Ye Xiwen’s Rushing Thunder Hand had finally reached six echoes!

In these five days, Ye Xiwen’s improvements were nothing but large, suffice to say that he was now able to confidently sweep the floor with any opponent at the Houtian fourth level and below. But to Ye Xiwen this was still not enough, far far not enough!

Ye Xiwen practiced Rushing Thunder Hand’s martial form over and over again. With regards to martial cultivation, between Houtian fourth stage to Houtian fifth stage was another bottleneck. The strength of one thousand jin was an immense divide in the water because a martial practitioner that possessed the strength of one thousand jin could effortlessly defeat several other martial practitioners possessing the strength of nine-hundred and ninety nine jin.

This was due to a drastic change that occurs in the bodies of martial artists when they reach 500 jin of strength. The body’s internal energy would no longer disperse throughout the four limbs, nor the bones supporting them. Instead it would coagulate into a portion of focused and condensed energy called a Jin, allowing martial artists to bring out more of the body’s potential. Thus, their might would grow and multiply without end, akin to a never ending stream. Their power would rise several times in one moment, an earth breaking heaven turning change.  

Then, when a person’s strength increased to 1000 jin, a second Jin would come to be, and the strength a person gained would be a far cry from their strength in the past.

Ye Xiwen issued the Rushing Thunder Hand once again, producing seven muffled rumbling noises in one go.


Ye Xiwen’s shooting palm burst through the surrounding air once more. By now, Ye Xiwen’s body was already soaked in sweat from head to toe, as if he had been just recently fished out from a lake. His muscles were sore and numb all over, and were constantly convulsing, seeming like they had reached the limit of their endurance.

Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth, throwing off the sweat that was about to drip into his eye. His body was extremely numb and sore, and he could not muster an ounce of strength However, Ye Xiwen knew that this was a critical time and he absolutely could not give up here. The Yi Yuan school on Qing Feng mountain, albeit only a branch school, was still a part of the powerful Yi Yuan Sect. Thus the Yi Yuan school on Qing Feng mountain had an abundant wealth of cultivation techniques as well as ancient books and records containing thorough and detailed ways to break through. The key to breaking through lied in how to let the body’s strength continuously grow and multiply without end. When a person’s body was the most exhausted, was the most tired, only if one was able to endure past their fatigue and continue to practice without rest would newfound strength and power be born, forming an unceasing, cycling circulation of strength that would permeate every inch of the body.

“Ss…” Ye Xiwen grimaced, causing the corners of his mouth, already long cracked and dry from unrelenting dedication, to split. Without pausing, he produced the Rushing Thunder Hand yet again.

Ye Xiwen’s figure flashed back and forth within the woods as he relentlessly practiced martial arts. Every gesture, every form of movement that he exerted was meticulous.

After a long period of time, Ye Xiwen’s figure halted. With a practiced palm, the gathered thunder element Zhen Qi bursted out in the form of a fierce thunderbolt, making a loud crackling sound as it exploded forth.




Ye Xiwen’s palm unexpectedly produced the sound of seven exploding thunderous echoes.

Ye Xiwen’s whole body’s muscles began to throb, bones started to collide, crackling and rattling. His old strength was at its limit, and now that it was exhausted new strength was naturally formed and born. Ye Xiwen’s strength had made a breakthrough once again, twisting into a Jin, reaching power akin to two tigers. His strength improved in a manner that was full to bursting  Ye Xiwen’s cultivation very naturally, like waves of water pushing the boat along with its currents, broke through to reach the peak of the fourth stage.

Even though Ye Xiwen had only reached the peak of the fourth stage, he could rely on the fact that his power had already reached the strength of two tigers, as well as his Rushing Thunder hand that had been practiced to the seventh echo.

Thus, even Houtian fifth stage practitioners were no match for him now.

Suddenly, from the forest thicket ahead came a subtle rustling sound. Immediately following, a huge, more than two meters tall swine creature, with a body covered in innumerable needles and thorns, making huffing and puffing sounds from its nose, had ground out a path from the forest and appeared before Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen felt his feet grow cold. This was the Houtian fifth stage demonic beast, Arrow Hog! Its greatest weapon was the long thorns densely covering its entire body. It could also shoot out those needle-like thorns when faced with danger. If you were not careful then you would be skewered into a porcupine!

Arrow Hogs were very difficult to deal with. They possessed coarse leathery skin and thick flesh, coupled with massive strength and a pair of strong lengthy tusks that could easily gore and kill a fierce tiger.

This Arrow Hog had fixated its beady little eyes on Ye Xiwen the moment it came out. With a clomp of its hoof, its body’s muscles suddenly tensed up. In a moment, dozens of long thorns with the sharpness of arrows were launched towards Ye Xiwen, filling the sky and covering the earth.

Ye Xiwen was feeling rather unfortunate. He did not know what was going on with this creature. Perhaps he had been too focused on training and, not paying attention, had unwittingly intruded into this Arrow Hog’s territory. However, Ye Xiwen’s actions were not slow. With a single tap and a step, Zhen Qi exploded from under his foot. As light and agile as a swallow, he dodged into the air, avoiding an overwhelming majority of the thorny arrows. A few stray thorns did manage to find their target, however Ye Xiwen easily knocked down those thorns with his palms.

This Arrow Hog, seeing that its attack had no effect, suddenly charged over with flying speed, completely contrary to what one might expect from its massive, cumbersome, overgrown exterior. Its speed was extremely fast. Arching its lengthy tusks upwards, it looked like it was going to directly maim Ye Xiwen.

In midair, Ye Xiwen’s left foot tapped his right foot, twisting his body to change directions, barely avoiding the Arrow Hog’s tusks.

Ye Xiwen’s feet had only just touched the ground when that Arrow Hog, whose body was pretty much a small mountain, came bursting forth towards Ye Xiwen, grinding everything in its path to a pulp and not giving Ye Xiwen a moment to breathe.

Ye Xiwen, not impressed, coldly uttered a “hmph”, then without retreating a single step flashed forward while his Zhen Qi exploded out. His figure shot forth like an arrow as he laid out a palm that was seemingly wrapped in curling clouds and mist. Lightning and Thunder! The rumbling sound was ear-splitting. In an instant, the energy from Ye Xiwen’s palm strike completely passed through the middle of the Arrow Hog’s massive and dense body, ruthlessly exiting out from the other end. The energy from Ye Xiwen’s palm strike hovered in the air creating an artificial raincloud before bursting open and dissipating, Ye Xiwen’s power of two tiger’s was completely unleashed!


This Arrow Hog had its skin torn and flesh left gaping after experiencing Ye Xiwen’s lacerating palm strike. Not only that but several of its ribs were broken, and it repeatedly cried out a pitiful shriek. This Arrow Hog, whose body was like a small mountain, had been beaten up so badly by Ye Xiwen that its entire body was trembling endlessly.

An average martial technique using Zhen Qi could do nothing against the Arrow Hog’s coarse skin and thick flesh. Not to mention that this was a Houtian fifth stage demon beast and Ye Xiwen was only at the peak fourth stage.

But Ye Xiwen’s strength had long already broke through to the power of two tigers, not at all inferior to the strength of Arrow Hog beast. Plus, the Rushing Thunder Hand had reached the degree of seven echoes.

One palm, with just a single palm from Ye Xiwen, the mighty Arrow Hog was left with its skin torn, flesh gaping, and ribs shattered,  helplessly lying on the ground, crying out.

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