WuShenKongJian – Chapter 5 – Fixed

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Rekt by JokerOfEden

Chapter 5 – Nine Rushed Thundering Echoes

In his courtyard, Ye Xiwen took out all of his cultivating resources, ten low-grade spirit stones. This was all that Ye Xiwen possessed. After absorbing the spiritual energy or Qi from these spirit stones, Ye Xiwen transformed it into his own spiritual energy, his Zhen Qi. Then, concentrating his attention, that special space emerged once again. Ye Xiwen continued to focus. This world really behaved as Ye Xiwen had guessed, and with a thought he once again entered that mysterious special space.

Ye Xiwen did not waste any time, immediately setting out to meditate using the chaotic space’s divine interpretation to quickly unravel the essence of the Rushing Thunder Hand technique. Once again a great amount of information rushed into his mind.

Ye Xiwen immediately felt a surge of joy and excitement. It seemed that his predictions had been accurate. Not only could internal cultivation techniques be practiced, but martial techniques as well.

Ye Xiwen was in a trance as he deconstructed the essence of Rushing Thunder Hand over and over again absent-mindedly. However, he did not feel the least bit overwhelmed. The entire process seemed very natural, similar to the moving clouds or flowing water, and Ye Xiwen easily received the great amount of information flooding his mind.

Ye Xiwen began to practice Rushing Thunder Hand in earnest. There were four techniques that Rushing Thunder Hand could employ: Strike Like Thunder and Move Like the Wind, Lightning and Thunder, Ghostly Thunder Axe, and Earth Shattering Lightning Storm. Although there were only four technique forms, they were easy to learn but hard to master. It was exceedingly difficult to practice them to perfection.


Ye Xiwen shot his palms out, quickly practicing Rushing Thunder Hand once.

Ye Xiwen issued the Rushing Thunder Hand over and over, suddenly finding that insights regarding to Rushing Thunder Hand surprisingly welled up in his mind. If his previous rate of gaining insight was at the speed of a small stream, then Ye Xiwen current rate of gaining insight was absolutely like the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, gushing forth unceasingly.




An unknown amount of time passed by once more. With every palm that Ye Xiwen sent out, a faint sound of thunder could actually be heard. Clearly, this was a sign showing that Ye Xiwen had already practiced Rushing Thunder Hand to a remarkable extent.

“Strike Like Thunder and Move Like The Wind!” Ye Xiwen shouted lightly. His right hand flashed forth like lightning, and a muffled sound could be heard as his palm strike landed on a sturdy block of stone. Amazingly, the force of Ye Xiwen’s strike caused the rock to not only shatter instantly, but also turned more than half of the shattered pieces to dust.

Ye Xiwen looked at both of his hands, and then proceeded to speak with a tone like he himself could not even believe what just happened. “This is incredible! To think that I have only begun to understand just a small portion of this technique’s essence, yet am already able to produce two out of the nine rushed thundering echoes! At this rate, it’s hard to tell whether or not I will be able to produce all nine echoes in a month!”

He knew this set of Rushing Thunder Hand was easy to learn but difficult to master, but in this short amount of time, by relying on the understanding of the special space, he actually successfully broke through to the extent of the second echo.

And just for comparison, even old and experienced practitioners would generally take more than a year to reach the level of the second echo. To go as far as issuing out the ninth echo, for many people even if they practiced for a lifetime they would not be able to achieve it.

A crackling and rattling sound came from Ye Xiwen’s body, and a few black impurities, along with his sweat, was passed out and discharged from his body. His mortal self was now even more free of impurities, becoming more pure.

Ye Xiwen discovered, along with breaking the Rushing Thunder Hand through to the second echo, his own strength had increased as well.

Ye Xiwen, immediately delighted, threw out a punch, causing the air to explode with a rattling sound.

His strength, from the original two hundred and eighty-five kilograms, actually broke through to three hundred and fifteen kilograms, an increase of a full thirty kilograms. Ye Xiwen was totally not expecting such a great development. To think that there was such a difference between each level of the nine thundering echoes!.

The Houtian fourth stage was the first major divide in the water for practitioners. After reaching the Houtian fourth stage, one’s strength reached two hundred and fifty kilograms. This was like the power of a fierce tiger, ferocious and mighty.

But once one cultivated to the Houtian fifth stage, strength rapidly rose, reaching five-hundred kilograms, akin to the power of two tigers.

He didn’t expect that after practicing to the second echo of Rushing Thunder Hand that his strength would rise this much.

An average person practicing their cultivation would not see a clear rise in their strength, because the speed of their cultivation was very slow. However Ye Xiwen was different, he broke through in one night, and so the increase in his strength was astonishingly apparent.



The sky showed the first faint glimmers of light as dawn approached. Ye Xiwen was currently inside his courtyard still unceasingly and tirelessly practicing Rushing Thunder Hand, and this was after already having practiced the technique for the entire night.

Ye Xiwen’s palm to palm technique was perfectly unbroken, like water that flowed unhindered in a river. Thanks to practicing inside the special space, Ye Xiwen’s cultivation of the palm technique was akin to moving clouds and flowing water. Ye Xiwen naturally grasped the concepts, treating it very casually as if it were extremely familiar and ordinary.

Ye Xiwen, not allowing a single strand of his concentration to falter, thrust his fists using Rushing Thunder Hand over and over again. The whole courtyard was filled with rumbles similar to the common sound of thunder. Finishing another set of Rushing Thunder Hand, Ye Xiwen’s whole body was drenched, dripping and dripping with sweat. By now his body had so much steam rising from it that it actually curled around in the air above him to nonchalantly form something akin to cloud or mist!

Each time Ye Xiwen issued the Rushing Thunder Hand, Zhen Qi would circulate  through his body once. By repeating the cycle, Ye Xiwen’s Qi and blood became increasingly thick and vigorous, strengthening his body.

At first, the effect was extremely apparent. Each time Ye Xiwen issued the Rushing Thunder Hand once, his body strength increased by half a kilogram. However towards the end the effect was growing weaker and weaker. Eventually it took ten times for the Rushing Thunder Hand to be issued out, for Ye Xiwen’s strength to increase by half a kilogram.

But although that was the case, the results of Ye Xiwen’s training were still shocking, because merely three days later his strength had increased once more, this time by one hundred and twenty kilograms, making his strength come to four hundred and thirty-five kilograms!

“Lightning and Thunder!” Ye Xiwen greatly roared. Thrusting out his hand, Ye Xiwen’s palm technique unexpectedly issued forth four rumbling thunderstorm echoes. In other words, in just three days Ye Xiwen was able to practice enough to produce two additional echoes!

The immense thunderstorm sound was no different from the time at the special space.





Ye Xiwen’s hand very easily produced the fourth echo. The original limitations that restricted Ye Xiwen’s cultivation progress seemed to, at that moment, have never existed.

Usually it was very difficult for practitioners to gain any insights into the Rushing Thunder Hand technique from just practicing only once. However when Ye Xiwen was inside that chaotic space practicing the technique, he was guided by a powerful intuitive force. Each time he practiced the technique vast amounts of new information and insights filled his mind, so that it made Ye Xiwen’s rate of cultivation at least a hundred times faster than it would be in reality.

There was one flaw, however, to utilizing the special space to train, It consumed spiritual energy far too quickly, which in turn led to consuming spirit stones too quickly!. Practicing Rushing Thunder Hand to the fourth echo had completely used up the ten low grade spirit stones that Ye Xiwen had carefully collected and saved.

Of course, the effects were exceptionally outstanding as well, and so Ye Xiwen would absolutely not give up this training method.

Thus Ye Xiwen was now in dire need of more spirit stones. He knew that his father Ye Kongming ought to have a large supply. After all, it was this world’s hard currency. Not only were spirit stones used for cultivation, but they could also be used to exchange for various goods.

However Ye Ximen was faced with a dilemma. He had no good way of explaining why he needed more spirit stones to his father! Under normal circumstances it was impossible for regular people to consume 10 spirit stones in such a short amount of time, Ye Xiwen could not ask for more spirit stones without revealing the secret of the mysterious space!

Soon, Ye Xiwen was forced to stop practicing the Rushing Thunder Hand, because the 10 low grade spirit stones that he had employed had finally completely run out of spiritual energy, with each one breaking down into fine white dust.

Ye Xiwen quickly came to a decision, he would enter the Qing Feng mountain range to fight against the demonic beasts within the mountain to further train himself.

In addition, if he wanted to learn more powerful martial techniques he would need a lot more spirit stones, and it was possible to gain spirit stones in exchange for killing demonic beasts. That accursed space was just simply too extravagant with the amount of spirit stones needed to activate it.

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