WuShenKongJian – Chapter 3 – Fixed

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Chapter 3 – Hidden Library Pavilion

However, unlike the last time he entered this space, where Ye Xiwen had felt his entire spirit entering and could no longer sense his outside body, this time he felt only a portion of his spirit entering, and could clearly sense his outside body. The feeling that he got was as if there were now two entities of himself, having one body but two minds, one heart but two souls, with the souls being identical to each other.

Not wasting any time, Ye Xiwen promptly started exercising control inside the special space and began to cultivate the “Shining Jadestone Technique”. Almost immediately, countless pieces of information swarmed his mind once again. In reality his outside body’s cultivation was also experiencing breakthrough after breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen was excited, it seemed that he guessed right after all. As long as one had enough spirit energy, one could keep coming back to enter this mysterious space.

Ye Xiwen suddenly stopped, coming out from inside that mysterious space. He decided that he would put the matter of practicing the Shining Jadestone Technique aside for now. He had a more important matter on his mind, it was time to choose new martial arts and techniques to cultivate. A martial arts practitioner without knowing any martial techniques, could that still be considered a martial artist? Thus to Ye Xiwen, this was a very important matter.

Especially when fighting against enemies, simply having a large amount of spiritual energy but not possessing any martial techniques would be tantamount to inviting his enemies to endlessly abuse him.

The sky outside was already light. Ye Xiwen freshened himself up and headed towards his parents’ courthouse to eat breakfast. This was his family’s habit. Even though the Ye family’s three children already grown into adults and moved out – f they weren’t home then nothing could be done – but if they were home together then the family’s three meals were inevitably eaten together.

When Ye Xiwen arrived, his parents and elder siblings were already present, waiting for him.

“Last night you did not even come home to eat dinner, where were you?” Ye Kongming asked. Ye Kongming’s appearance was that of a solemn and respectful middle-aged man.

“Your child went to cultivate!” Naturally, Ye Xiwen did not dare to expose the matter of the mysterious space. “I wish to tell father a piece of good news!”, Ye Xiwen continued to say.

A strange look flashed through Ye Kongming’s eyes, asking: “What sort of good news?”

“Yes, yes, quickly speak little brother, what piece of good news!” Ye Xiwen’s elder sister, Ye Ruxue hastily asked. She was born with a doll-face, and although she was already over twenty years old, her appearance was that of a fifteen or sixteen-year-old, looking even younger than Ye Xiwen.

Upon hearing that, Ye Xiwen’s elder brother Ye Feng, also turned to look at him. Ye Feng’s features strikingly resembled his father’s, as if he were a younger version of Ye Kongming. Dressed in a simple white shirt and accompanied with his strikingly good looks, he looked incomparably handsome.

The ages of the two brothers and their sister did not differ much, and so having grown up together since childhood, their affections for one another was superb.

Ye Xiwen’s mother, Xia Chunxue, although already over forty years old, had lived a relatively luxurious and relaxing life. This, coupled with special martial techniques to preserve one’s youthful looks, made it appear that she was just barely over twenty years old. Looking at her big family she smiled lovingly. Even though Ye Xiwen was just an adopted son, in her heart she loved and cared for him, and did not consider him any less different than if he was her own born son.

“I can learn martial techniques now!” Ye Xiwen said with a smile.

Ye Kongming was put off, then quickly caught himself and said, “Learning a martial art…you broke through to the fourth stage?”  Sweeping Ye Xiwen with a glance he found the answer. “Not bad!”

Truthfully, Ye Kongming did not think too much of the matter. After all, Ye Xiwen’s strength was originally in the late third stage. Breaking through to the fourth stage now was nothing strange.

Only, he would have absolutely never have guessed that Ye Xiwen had managed to break through from the late third stage to the fourth stage in the span of a single night.

Xia Chunxue also smiled and nodded. Although he merely broke through from the Houtian third stage to the Houtian fourth stage, every bit of Ye Xiwen’s progress made her very happy.

The whole family was very happy, but also did not think too much of it, because when compared, both his elder siblings Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue’s speed of breaking through was much faster than Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen breaking through was very normal at this time.

“After I finish eating, your child wants to go to the hidden library pavilion to choose a martial technique.” Ye Xiwen said with a smile. According to the Yi Yuan sect’s rules, after breaking through to the Houtian fourth stage, one can then advance to the hidden library pavilion to choose one martial technique, but only the basic, elementary martial techniques. Selecting a martial technique to practice was free, but only on the first time. Afterwards, if disciples wanted to learn any additional techniques, then they must use their accumulated credit to exchange for them. All sect disciples would have some credit. Generally, disciples accomplish various acts of merit that contribute to the fame and prestige of the sect, and in exchange they were granted the privilege to learn additional techniques. It was also possible to use heavenly treasures as collateral to exchange for techniques.

“En, go ahead, but you must choose this martial art well, right now you are still in the period of strengthening your foundation. You will not get to choose from many different techniques, so for a very long period of time, you will use this sect’s martial arts.” Ye Kongming stated.

Practicing a sect’s martial arts from the basics to near perfection will take an average person modestly speaking over ten years. Even if it was one of the sect’s most basic martial arts, it would still take even a genius a year or two to completely master it.

Ye Kongming meaning behind explaining to Ye Xiwen was essentially telling him not to  bite off more than he could chew. To be able to practice the sect’s martial arts to near perfection was not to be underestimated. If your martial technique had not reached the pinnacle of execution, and you studied ahead unceasingly, then ultimately you were only biting off more than you can chew. You might be familiar with the forms but your technique would be sloppy.

Ye Xiwen nodded and said: “Your child knows!”

Ye Xiwen knew Ye Kongming’s words of experience were for his own good. As for biting off more than he could chew, Ye Xiwen himself was very clear about the consequences of that practice.

“Your child has one more matter he wishes to speak about.” Ye Xiwen said.

“Speak!” Ye Kongming said with a smile of his face, Ye Xiwen broke through, in his heart he was still very happy.

“In the following weeks to come, for a period of time, your child wants to enter the back of Qing Feng mountain to cultivate and consolidate the Houtian fourth stage as quickly as possible, and also to practice my new martial technique!” Ye Xiwen declared. Ye Xiwen had already made plans early on. It was possible to cultivate internal power in a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere through meditation. However with martial techniques, it was only through actual practice and sparring that would allow one to understand the technique’s essence and improve their proficiency with the technique at a flying speed.

Of course, the biggest reason why Ye Xiwen wanted to go behind the mountains and practice alone was because under no circumstances could he let anyone find out about the mysterious space that he possessed.

“Okay!” Ye Kongming nodded. Even though he was somewhat worried, when Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue broke through into the fourth stage, they had also entered Qing Feng mountain to consolidate their cultivation, and at the time their age was much lower than Ye Xiwen’s.

After eating breakfast, the sky was completely bright. Ye Xiwen left to go to the Yi Yuan sect’s Hidden Library Pavilion alone.

The Hidden Library Pavilion was one of the Yi Yuan sect’s most important places within the school, because these secret books were the culmulation of countless generations of knowledge that have been passed down throughout the years within the Yi Yuan Sect. The Yi Yuan school was able to tower over Qing Feng mountain for several hundred years and ensure their unending reign all by relying on these secret books and manuscripts.

It was still early when Ye Xiwen arrived at the library pavilion, and as usual, the doorway of the library pavilion only had one elderly man wearing jade coloured clothing reclining in a rocking chair, reading an old, yellowing book very leisurely.

The past Ye Xiwen had often come to the library pavilion. Not only did the library pavilion contain secret books and manuscripts, the library pavilion’s first floor also held different country’s geographical records, news of marvelous secrets and the like, as well as countless works of literature, many of these works in particular having to do with martial cultivation. But as for the books containing irrelevant and meaningless information, Ye Xiwen’s predecessor frequently came here to borrow those books to read. All these years later, Ye Xiwen could be considered to be well-read. Now, even many of the previous generation of martial artists probably did not know as much as Ye Xiwen.

In the time period that he crossed over to this world, in order to fully understand its current state of affairs as quickly as possible, Ye Xiwen also came here quite a bit.

Therefore, he was not a stranger to this place.

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