WuShenKongJian – Chapter 2 – Fixed

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Something-something by JokerOfEden

Chapter 2 – Houtian fourth stage!

Time moved forward as the minutes and seconds passed by. By this point, Ye Xiwen was discouraged and in despair, and had all but just abandoned the notion of escaping. Could it be that after just crossing over to a brand new world he would become trapped inside this space for a lifetime!?

Ye Xiwen had no thoughts of becoming a dominating, peerless figure immediately after coming to this world, those kinds of thoughts were nothing more than twisted fantasies. His first point was being able to protect himself and surviving, then he would shamefully find a way back to his home world. He definitely did not want to be trapped here for a lifetime.

A very long period of time passed by once more. Now Ye Xiwen was starting to get extremely bored. Having nothing better to do, he began to practice strengthening his inner foundations. In this world, martial arts were split into two parts: martial techniques and internal foundation strength, or Nei Gong. Ye Xiwen’s cultivation was only at the Houtian third stage, not yet at the fourth stage, and according to the sect’s rules, those who have not reached the Houtian fourth stage were prohibited from practicing martial techniques. The reason for this was very simple. On the path of cultivating martial arts, your inner foundational strength would become the basis for all your martial techniques. If your foundation was not properly developed, then perhaps in your entire lifetime there would be no hope for you. Thus, the first three stages of Houtian cultivation were designated as a specific time for practitioners to raise their foundational strength.

Ye Xiwen discovered that apart from being trapped in here, everything else about him seemed to be the same.

In any case, even though Ye Xiwen was trapped inside this mysterious space, it would not change who he was. If he could raise his martial prowess by practicing his cultivation then at least the time he spent in this space would not be wasted in vain.

The martial technique that he was currently practicing was an internal technique called the “Shining Jadestone Technique”, and altogether this technique had ten levels. Within the Yi Yuan sect, few were capable of cultivating to the Xiantian domain with this internal technique. In fact, within the Yi Yuan sect not many people were even capable of getting their hands on this precious technique to practice! It was all thanks to the status of elder Ye Kongming, Ye Xiwen’s foster father, that Xiwen was given the opportunity to practice this precious technique.

This particular cultivation technique was very tranquil and was especially useful for those whose minds were in a perturbed state.

Suddenly Ye Xiwen discovered an unexpected surprise. Insights regarding the “Shining Jadestone technique continuously surged unabated into his mind. If Ye Xiwen’s previous understanding flowed at the speed of a small stream, then the speed of Ye Xiwen’s current insights was like the roaring Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, continuously flowing into his mind.

Endless insights filled Ye Xiwen, making it seem as if he were drunk and stupefied from circulating his Zhen Qi over and over inside his body cultivating the “Shining Jadestone Technique”.

An indefinite amount of time passed.

All of a sudden, a “Hong!” sound burst forth.

Ye Xiwen abruptly awakened, opening his eyes and finding himself surprisingly appearing inside his room and not in that chaotic space. The sky outside was already beginning to show glimmers of light.

Ye Xiwen was extremely startled, his whole body letting out a cold sweat. Could it be that the chaotic space he was just in was nothing but a dreamscape?

But the insight he gained within that chaotic space was extremely clear and distinct and didn’t feel surreal at all.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen discovered that his slim physique was soaked in sweat. Not only that, but his entire body was covered with black coloured impurities. These were the body’s hidden impurities. Throughout the nine stages of the Houtian domain, each time one made a breakthrough to a higher stage, there would be some impurities discharged from the body, until all of the impurities within one’s body was thoroughly eliminated. Only once practitioners had rid their bodies of all impurities could they then open their Life Governing Meridians, ascending from the Houtian to Xiantian domain.

How can this be? This was the clearly the sign of having made a breakthrough. Ye Xiwen was endlessly shocked, because after considering his circumstances, he had previously assessed himself and had estimated that it would take him approximately half a year in order to break through to the Houtian fourth stage, that was simply the extent of his natural talent.

But…in the span of a single night spent in that chaotic space he had somehow already reached the fourth stage! He was utterly shocked!!

It was no wonder. Based on Ye Xiwen’s knowledge, even if the Shining Jadestone Technique was a relatively simple one, it would still be hard for people to gain insights from it with just one session of practice!  But just now when Ye Xiwen had been practicing the inside that chaotic space, vast amounts of insight and information rushed forth into his mind. The speed at which Ye Xiwen gained insights within that chaotic space was at least a hundred times faster than the speed at which he usually gained within reality.

If this was the case, then with the help of this mysterious space, there would no longer be any martial arts that could pose a challenge or hide any secrets from Ye Xiwen. By practicing inside this special space, he would be able to quickly grasp the essence of any martial art!

Ye Xiwen threw a punch out with his fist, immediately causing the air to violently shake and vibrate. Power surged through his body, with the power being much stronger than the power he possessed before. Ye Xiwen could feel that this was because his power was no longer as dispersed within his body as before. Instead it was now much more compact and compressed, folded and layered together. You could not even compare Ye Xiwen’s current power with his past’s.

Among the nine stages of the Houtian domain level, first stage warriors could punch with a force of twenty-five kilograms, second stage a force of fifty kilograms, third stage one hundred kilograms, and after breaking through to the fourth stage one could raise their power to two hundred and fifty kilograms in one breath.

Houtian fourth stage was the first bottleneck practitioners would encounter, because after reaching the Houtian fourth stage, their strength would reach two hundred and fifty kilograms. This was comparable to the might of a fierce tiger, extremely bold and powerful.

Because of the enormous amounts of martial techniques and skills the Yi Yuan sect had to offer, disciples inside the Yi Yuan school were not required to cultivated any one specific art or technique. This way each disciple would be able to find a technique that would best suit him or herself.

Even practicing techniques from outside the sect was not prohibited. Instead, if a disciple managed to learn some powerful outside technique then it was generally regarded as that disciple being in the presence of good luck.

But more importantly, after having his body be exposed to that brilliant multi-colored light, Ye Xiwen’s body had transformed, and his meridians were enlarged by an incalculable amount. If could be said that if his previous meridians were like a small creek, then after transforming, they became the Yangtze and Yellow rivers, the Zhen Qi endlessly flowing through them.

Like this, Ye Xiwen’s single day’s worth of cultivation was comparable with other people’s several days worth of cultivation. In addition, the might of ordinary martial techniques was directly related to the amount of Zhen Qi you could release in a split second. Since Ye Xiwen’s meridians were much larger than an average person’s, a technique used by Ye Xiwen would be far more powerful than the same technique used by others.

Right now, Ye Xiwen’s strength had directly broken through to two hundred and eighty-five kilograms.

Ye Xiwen suddenly rejoiced, only with the help of this special space would it be possible for him to rise above others and become outstanding.

With that thought in mind, Ye Xiwen no longer hesitated, immediately finding a nearby stone with a smooth and flat surface and sat cross-legged on top of it, completely focusing his attention, and sure enough the mysterious space appeared once more. However, this time around Ye Xiwen found that no matter how hard he focused his attention and tried to enter that special space, he was unable to enter.

Ye Xiwen thought that this was very strange, how come he could enter just a moment ago, but now all of a sudden he could not?

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen discovered with great alarm that his body’s Zhen Qi was unexpectedly completely exhausted. Just a moment ago his Zhen Qi was still full, how could it abruptly disappear?

“I understand!” Ye Xiwen suddenly said. He immediately thought of the reason why he could no longer enter the space. To be able to cultivate techniques in that space, it must require a great deal of Zhen Qi, or spiritual energy. This was the only way to explain why he could not enter that space anymore, and also why he suddenly came out just now. It’s precisely because of its relationship with Zhen Qi. Now that Ye Xiwen’s Zhen Qi was used up, naturally he was ejected from the space.

Inside the courtyard, Ye Xiwen took out all his belongings; ten low-grade spirit stones, which was all he had. Crystals in this world were known as spirit stones, with every piece of spirit stone containing a considerable amount spiritual energy. Spirits stones were divided into low-grade spirit stones, middle-grade spirit stones, high-grade spirit stones and top-grade spirit stones.

Martial artists could absorb the spiritual energy within these spirit stones to cultivate. It could also replenish their Zhen Qi for a short time.

If this special space used for analyzing martial techniques and gaining insights really did require spiritual energy as a fuel source, then using spirit stones as that energy source would suffice just fine.

Ye Xiwen absorbed the Spiritual Qi from the spirit stones and successfully transformed it into his own Zhen Qi, and then while focusing his spirit that special space appeared once again. Ye Xiwen continued to focus, and sure enough, like Ye Xiwen thought, he entered that space in one move.

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