WuShenKongJian – Chapter 1 – Fixed

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Chapter 1 – Mysterious space

The Yi Yuan Sect, situated on top of QingFeng mountain, extended for an extreme length. It was now the midst of summer. In the sky above, the sun slowly fell, the resulting sunset stretching long shadows.

On the lakeside of one not particularly large lake sat a black-clothed teenager around seventeen to eighteen-years-old.  Picking up a rock from the lakeside, the teen threw it into the lake, causing several wave petals to ripple out.

Ye Xiwen was at a loss, he couldn’t believe that somehow he had suddenly crossed through to a whole new world! Originally, Ye Xiwen was just a simple university student  from 21st Century Earth. It wasn’t before a full month had passed before he finally accepted the fact that he had crossed through to a brand new world. This was not a cruel prank or sick joke that someone was playing on him, rather he really was in a whole new world!

After coming to this world for over a month already,  he was slowly able to accept the reality that this place was no longer the Earth that he knew. Even though the local customs and conditions resembled ancient China, he knew that this place was not Earth, but rather a new world called the Zhen Wu world.

This world was a martial world, a world where martial arts and techniques have been passed down for countless years of history. In this world, martial arts spawned brilliant civilizations. Formidable martial practitioners whose cultivations had reached the peak were capable of moving the mountains and collapsing the seas, shattering rock and  and splitting stone. Even prolonging one’s lifespan indefinitely was not out of the question.

Ye Xiwen’s identity was now the third son of an elder of the Yi Yuan sect, and an adopted one at that, due to Ye Kongming carrying the baby back eighteen years ago. Within the sect this was considered as somewhat common knowledge.

The Yi Yuan sect was one of Da Yue empire’s most powerful sects, with countless experts spawning as numerous as the clouds.

But the Yi Yuan sect situated on top of Qing Feng mountain was merely a branch of the main Yi Yuan sect. Branch sects like these were numerous within the Da Yue empire, and each branch was tasked with sending outstanding and talented individuals to the main sect.

Ye Xiwen’s cultivation was at the Houtian level’s third stage. Considering his age, this sort of cultivation was just so-so.

In the Zhen Wu world, martial practitioners stepping into martial arts would first begin at the Houtian level, which was then split into nine stages, with one being the lowest and nine being the highest. After the Houtian level is the Xiantian level. However Ye Xiwen had no idea as to how the Xiantian level was divided. After all, within the branch Yi Yuan sect, only the school master’s cultivation was within the Xiantian domain.

The Yi Yuan school altogether was divided into the outer court, the inner court, and the core, with the core being further divided into three levels. Upon reaching the core disciple level, one was then eligible to head to the main sect to partake in the main sect’s examination. Only the disciples that passed this examination were truly considered worthy of paying their respects to the Yi Yuan sect.

The way of dividing disciples within the Yi Yuan sect was not based on age, but rather cultivation strength. After cultivating to the Houtian level’s third stage, you would be promoted from an outer court disciple to an inner court disciple. After cultivating to the fifth stage, you were promoted to the core level. However, if you wished to participate in the Yi Yuan main sect’s exam, the bare minimum was being able to cultivate to the Houtian level’s seventh stage.

Of course the requirements were expected to be high. Ye Xiwen’s natural endowments from his previous self were nothing but average. This year he was eighteen years old, yet his cultivation had only just recently reached the late stage of the third Houtian level. This sort of achievement, although it could not be considered strange, could only be seen as ordinary.

Thus, Ye Xiwen was just another ordinary disciple in the inner court. With respect to inner court disciples, although they were not as exalted as core disciples, they were still much better off than the outer court disciples who were considered the lowest of the low. In addition, his father was the Yi Yuan branch sect’s elder. Thus the ordinary peaceful days he lived as an average practitioner were not considered bad at all.  

But in no way at all was he considered as an important figure. Ye Xiwen’s aptitude of his previous self was just too ordinary. The late stage of the third Houtian level could only be considered average amongst inner court disciples, and when compared to his genius elder brother and sister, Ye Xiwen’s mediocrity was just all the more apparent. His elder brother, Ye Feng, was only just twenty-one years old, yet he had already reached the peak of the Houtian eighth stage and was considered a super genius within the Yi Yuan branch sect. As for his elder sister, Ye Ruxue, she was only a little more than a year older than him but had already reached the Houtian seventh stage.

Under circumstances such as these, it was no wonder that he did not attract any attention!


A rustling sound came from the woods behind Ye Xiwen, and a chubby figure of around 17-18 years of age, wearing bright colored silk clothing, came bumbling out from the bushes. Ye Xiwen’s face revealed hints of a smile. This chubby guy was called Wang Lie, and was a close friend of his from childhood up to the present. His household was a large, powerful, and not to mention rich family situated below the Qing Feng mountain in Qing Feng village, plus they had a very close relationship with the Yi Yuan sect! Thus when Wang Lie was young, he was sent up the mountain for martial training. The relationship between Wang Lie and Ye Xiwen was superb.

Naturally, the two had similar talents, with Wang Lie being just a tiny bit better. Ye Xiwen was at the late stages of the third Houtian level while Wang Lie was at the peak of the third stage, and this was another reason why the two had such a good relationship.

“It’s getting late, you should have gone back to rest, What did you come here for?” Ye Xiwen asked with a smile.

“Obviously it’s because I’m worried about you” Wang Lie said smilingly. “You’ve been acting rather strange lately, in really odd and bizarre ways!”

“Rest assured, what could possibly be wrong with me?” Ye Xiwen said.

In all honesty it was probably nothing more than having to adapt to a brand new world!

“You are at the critical juncture of breaking through to the fourth stage, you should be in closed doors meditation!” Ye Xiwen said. Houtian third stage can only be considered average within the inner sect disciples, but upon reaching the Houtian fourth stage one could be considered an elite amongst the inner court disciples. Even if it was only a difference of one stage, the status was as different as heaven and earth.

“Haha, I came to find you just for this matter. I am planning to go in closed door training for a period of time, but recently with the strange way you’ve been acting, I’m a little worried for you”, Wang Lie said to Ye Xiwen with an anxious look . Ever since they were kids they had known each other and had grown up together. Even though the two were always horsing around with each other, in actuality Wang Lie was very concerned about his sworn brother. However, it went without saying that at this moment in time Wang Lie could never have guessed that his sworn brother was now in fact a different person.

“Go, and don’t worry. What could possibly happen to me?” Ye Xiwen laughed, “It’s getting late, you should head back first, I’ll want to sit here for just a bit longer, and then afterwards I will return!”

“Alright, but don’t be out too late, take care not to come across any demonic beasts!” Wang Lie urged.

Being situated atop Qing Feng mountain, there were indeed some fierce demonic beasts that roamed the mountain range area. These demonic beasts possessed powerful demonic arts that made even the most ordinary amongst them extremely dangerous and difficult to handle. It would be hard to find a martial practitioner that would be a match for them .

“En, I know.” Ye Xiwen nodded.

Although generally speaking, here in the Yi Yuan sect’s local vicinity area there shouldn’t be any demonic beasts roaming about, it was still a troublesome worry, especially if one of those formidable demonic beasts did manage to bypass the norm and suddenly appear in front of Ye Xiwen, then Yi Xiwen wouldn’t even have the space to cry!

Indeed, there were just too many demonic beasts within this mountain. It was unspeakable for Ye Xiwen to not properly guard himself. The whole reason why the Yi Yuan sect was situated on such a mountain in the first place was to intimidate the mountain’s many demonic beasts, preventing them from descending down the mountain to disturb the people and wreak havoc on the village. But it was simply impossible to block every single demonic beast, as one or two would always become the proverbial fish that escapes the net. However, in regards to this, the bottom of the mountain also had a martial arts building where people could come to practice their techniques and build up their strength. The number of formidable martial practitioners within was more than just a few, thus even if a demonic beast did appear it would not be such a big deal.

Because of this relationship, within fifty kilometers of the school the Yi Yuan school disciples were always greeted with the utmost respect when they ventured out. Wherever they travel to within this boundary, people looked upon the school’s disciples with high regard.

Wang Lie finished speaking and immediately turned around to depart. Although his build was plump, he was a martial artist after all. His movements were light and swift, and he quickly disappeared into the thickets.

Ye Xiwen sat for a moment more. Just as he was on the verge of leaving, suddenly he caught a glimpse into the center of the lake. Multi-coloured irridescent light rays momentarily madly flashed forth. In that instance for a split second the entire lake was covered by that splendent light, before it immediately regained its previous tranquility.

Ye Xiwen was very much doubting the event that just occurred, how was it that such resplendent iridescent light could just all of a sudden burst forth? Unless there was some strange mysterious treasure hidden at the bottom of the lake? Convinced with that thought in mind, Ye Xiwen excitedly stood up. If there really was some mysterious treasure hidden within this lake, then he really would have hit the jackpot.

Reaching a decision, Ye Xiwen abruptly dived into the water, continuously descending down the lake. Whether it was his current or previous life, Ye Xiwen’s aquatic abilities were quite good.

Ye Xiwen slowly descended and approached the center of the lake. This was actually a very ordinary lake, and no demonic beasts existed in these water. With this lake being in such close proximity to the school, the Yi Yuan sect experts had already long before eradicated them. Thus Ye Xiwen was not worried about coming across any dangerous demonic beasts.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes to take a look, only to discover that within the center of this lake, there laid a splendid multi-coloured ball of light lying serenely inside the centre of the lake. Yes, that’s right, the feeling that Ye Xiwen got from this ball of light was that it was simply lying there within the water.

Ye Xiwen did not feel any danger emit from the ball of light, instead it seemed to be very gentle. Ye Xiwen slowly descended and edged closer to the mysterious light, going over to its side.

Ye Xiwen extended his hand. Just as he was about to grasp that light within the center of his palm, that clump of iridescent light suddenly emitted an extremely bright and intense dazzling light, instantly leaping inside Ye Xiwen’s body afterwards.

Ye Xiwen turned pale with alarm. Looking again, he saw that the multi-coloured ball of light had already vanished.

Ye Xiwen promptly surfaced, swam to the shore, and repeatedly gasped for air, his state of mind still in quite a bit of shock over what just occurred. Inspecting his whole body and discovering that it was not short of anything, he finally began to calm down.

After using Zhen Qi to evaporate the droplets of water on his body, Ye Xiwen turned to head back when suddenly he discovered that within his mind, deep within his spiritual sea, a special space appeared inside his mind, a space with indistinct and hazy features.

This was a ghastly strange situation, because everyone knows that only after reaching the Xiantian domain’s level could then be able to use spiritual sense to look inside one’s own body, and view every inch of their own blood vessels and meridians. But it just so happened that Ye Xiwen was able to sense this mysterious space within his mind.

Ye Xiwen found that as long as he focused, he could feel the presence of that space. The more Ye Xiwen thought about this situation the stranger it seemed to him. He also no longer dared to stay in this lake, and dashed all the way back home at once, returning to his small courtyard without even taking the time to greet his parents

Qing Feng mountain was incomparably vast, and the area the Yi Yuan school covered was also unusually wide. There wasn’t much of anything else, but with regards to space and housing there was an abundant amount. In addition, since Ye Kongming was an elder inside the Yi Yuan school, a high position of power, Ye Xiwen after entering adulthood was also given a small living compound with a small courtyard close to his parents’ home.

Ye Xiwen, his mind still in a rather startled state, returned to his home and went into his room. At this time, the sky was already pitch-black.

Ye Xiwen focused his mind, completely concentrating his attention. Immediately, that special space, appeared in Ye Xiwen’s mind once again. This time, Ye Xiwen, did not relax his mind as usual, but instead continued to focus his attention and spirit.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen saw black before his eyes before abruptly appearing inside a very chaotic environment. Ye Xiwen was immediately greatly alarmed, but he reacted swiftly and quickly composed himself. This place was not another land, rather it was the inside of that space within his mind. At this point he had already seen that piece of space within his mind many times and thus he quickly recognized it.

It was unlikely that his entire being had entered this space, rather it was more likely that only a portion of his soul had. But as for what this space was to be used for, presently Ye Xiwen was at a loss.

But very soon, Ye Xiwen quickly discovered a major problem, because he could no longer exit. There simply was and were no exits, no way to escape. No matter how he walked, in the midst of the chaotic environment, the surrounding landscape was exactly the same.

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