Shrine of Hopes and Dreams

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112 thoughts on “Shrine of Hopes and Dreams

      1. Its bad for the body yet good for the soul.

        “If you aint got no job and you still aint smokin’ weed, then i dont know what your doing with your life, i really dont”–Katt William.
        truer words have never been said


          1. Honored, you are the OG “ThatGuy”

            Whenever anyone say’s “that guy” they mean you, except if they are talking about an asshole.

            Which you are clearly not, since you are OG.


  1. (Put this in like 3 times and it is not posting it >_< )

    Happy New Year muther fudder!

    Hope this year is better than the last!

    With love and well wish's,

    Your creeper,


    (seriously though, have a great new year!)


      1. Fantastico!

        Any new video games, movies or shows you are watching/playing?

        (By new I mean new to you, or at least you are currently playing)


  2. Got to renew my drivers license tomorrow.

    Need to redo the written test for some reason.

    Reading a 2007 drivers handbook, wish me luck (lol)


      1. Went to go and do it, line was out the door, around the building, and down the street.

        Perhaps doing it on march break weekend was a bad choice.

        I spongebobed it (Said fuck that shit, patrick) going to do it on Monday instead.

        After doing some practice test stuff online, a ton of the questions are stupid..stupid.

        Such as “This is a stop sign, what should you do?” A) Stop, B) Roll through, C) Do a U turn, D) Honk horn repeatedly while stopped.


  3. Hey, forgot to tell you that I passed my test (woohoo)

    Hope your week has been going well (even though it is only Monday)



      1. Took my G2 road test today and passed.

        FLOOR IT!? FLOOR IT!?




      1. How are you doing?

        I hope you did well on your exams.

        I have been playing on a private World of Warcraft server lately, but due to DDOS it is currently down until Monday, lol.

        Hopefully this message get’s through, I can’t comment on shrine of hopes and dreams for some reason, keeps saying that “it did not catch that”


        1. For some reason the site just unapproved your messages.

          Well, one science practical was a disaster cos the experiment did not work so I had no results, but other than that, the rest should be fine. A few more weeks left so I gotta study to get those As.

          I’ve only played WoW for maybe an hour or so, but what are you doing on a private server. It sounds like there aren’t many people, but what do I know.


          1. There are quite a few people who play on private servers, Kronos 2 had about 2.6k people online at their peak with a 1k queue, so they increased the server cap to 6k.

            It is fun to play Vanilla WoW, I got bored of retail and all the changes they made, I felt let down with WoD.

            I am going to come back when legion hits and give it a try.

            Good luck on the rest of your exams!


  4. It is a new server so there are only about seven to ten level 60’s atm.

    But there are always people in /LFG and /2 trying to get a group for a dungeon.

    And the out of the way dungeons are often run more than once since you are already there, no point in hearthing back to X city then slog it back to the dungeon.


    1. Exams almost done. Hopefully the lower grade boundaries will carry me to A+ for my best subjects and B or higher for my worse subjects. I did have 60 hours of games in the last two weeks during all this 😛


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