Le Festin de Vampire

A God’s Time-killer: Vampire’s Banquet

Deleted chapters because of reasons, use this link beloww:

Eternal Aria Novels


Though it was not a mistake of god,the protagonist has died and found himself in a white space with his only best friend who claims to be a god. Telling him he can go through a reincarnation only to to find himself having become a vampire girl in a fantasy world!!

Raw – http://ncode.syosetu.com/n0560p/
(Credits to illustrators here too)


Eternal Aria Novels

167 thoughts on “Le Festin de Vampire

  1. Incredible “thatguywhosthere”

    A day and two chapters more

    Thank you very much

    Can you both (you and LorCromwell) try to share chapters (like the tateyusha and Mushoku tensei guys) or accept sugestions for others projects?


  2. I dont want to offend, but I think that is a waste of resources both translating the same webnovel

    Do you accept suggestions?

    Anyway thanks for your hard work


    1. Because, so far, there is not much deviation from mahoutsuki’s and the original, I am using his work as an aid. Since there are 3 more revised chapters compared to the unrevised, I would have to do things on my own.
      And translating, for me, will take around one and a half hours for each chapter because I don’t like making grammatical errors as well as other stupid mistakes, so it takes longer to get it flow or feel right.


  3. I’m not an english speaker, and I just know a bit of speak japanese (mainly from the anime) so I cant be sure

    But I think that your work is correct and I understand perfectly

    I dont think that you have to worry very much


      1. More like “dropped”, the author just went and disappeared after June 3rd, 2012. I could be that he dropped it or that something happened. also, it seems that once he got to 3-17, he revised the story and started once again from the beginning and until 2-18, point in time where all traces of the author are lost. Somehow, chapters from the revised story have the same title and should cover the same plot as the original ones and are just grammatical corrections to more proper japanese.

        Also, I wonder from where that listed 3-18 you have the came from. Will you surprise us?


    1. Yes, it is. It’s because, instead of using the “unrevised” version by the author, I used the “revised” version. But since it ends at 02-18, I’ll need to use the unrevised version after that. But it shouldn’t affect the story much, there would just be less information/detail.


  4. will you be doing chapter 01-06 and so on? cause I followed the link u put to the other peoples translation and seems to me the chapters length’s are different and the translation harder to read


      1. oh~! Nothing really, it’s just that I’ve been searching for this site then I got directed to multiple other sites :). Then I remembered that why didn’t I just search my history ^^.. Then I’m just so happy to finally found it~! 😀


          1. Well, I don’t know about that. For me it is but I don’t know about the others, after all I’m not that up to date about things.. 🙂
            — So I’ll just say oh what a treasure for me~! haha xD!


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