WuShenKongJian – Glossary

Basically this is where I will put terms to make a glossary to standardise terms over here. Aka, so I don’t mess up.

If there are any mistakes, feel free to tell me.

The World
真武界 – Zhen Wu Jie / True Martial World — The name of the world
青峰山 – Qing Feng mountain — The mountain this Yi Yuan school branch is situated on
银票 – Silver notes — Money

The Ye Family
叶希文 – Ye Xiwen — The MC
叶枫 – Ye Feng — The MC’s bro’
叶茹雪 – Ye Ruxue — The MC’s sis’
叶空明 – Ye Kongming — The MC’s dad, an elder in the Yi Yuan school
夏春雪 – Xia Chunxue — The MC’s mom

王烈 – Wang Lie — The MC’s childhood bro’
王石 – Wang Shi — Steward man

The Yi Yuan School
一元宗 – Yi Yuan School — The branch school the MC belongs to
外门 – Outer Sect — Lowest rank
内门 – Inner Sect — Middle rank
核心弟子级别 – Core disciple rank — Highest rank
藏书阁 – Library pavilion — The place where the school stores their techniques
功德殿 – Gong De Palace / Achievements and Virtues Palace — The place to exchange goods for school credits
宗门积分 – School credits — A form of currency inside the school, used to exchange for techniques and elixirs, etc

秘籍 – Secret book
弟子 – Disciple
门派 – Sect
驻地 – Station

Other powers
天风堂 – Tian Feng Tang – The Sky Wind Hall — head of the Zhang family branch

Martial Arts
两虎之力 – The power of two tigers — a standard form of measurement for level of strength, 250 kg or 500 Jin, every 250 kg a martial artist gets a significant power-up
后天 – Hou Tian — The first rank in cultivation
先天 – Xian Tian — The second rank in cultivation
境界 – Domain level — Refers to rank in cultivation
闭关 – Behind close doors — When one wished to practice in seclusion because, to not have others steal their techniques, or when one is at the critical juncture in their cultivation and they must not be disturbed
突破 – Breakthrough — The act of ‘breaking through’ to the next level in their cultivation

武 – Martial
武者修 – Martial art practitioner
武技 – Martial arts
武学 – Training / Martial arts
武馆 – Dojo
修炼 – Cultivation
演练 – Drill / Practice

感悟 – Insight
大成 – Culmination
肉身 – Corporeal body / Mortal body
生生不息 – Growing and multiplying without end
道劲 – Daojin

The Qi
丹田 – Dan Tian — Where Qi is stored in the body
灵石 – Spirit stone — A source of Qi, also the world’s currency
灵气 – Spiritual Qi — The Qi from a spirit stone
真气 – Zhen Qi — The Qi inside one’s body, also known as True Qi
元气 – Yuan Qi — Elemental Qi
内功 – Internal power — Invisible power which strengthens one’s body inside, opposite to external power, which refers to the muscle, external power
明玉功 – Bright Jade Power — An internal power cultivation technique
经脉 – Meridian — The channels inside one’s body which Qi flows through, there are twelve in total
任督二脉 – Governing Vessel Meridian — One of the twelve meridian vessels in one’s body, going from the pelvis, straight through the spinal cord, then on top of the head
地心果 – Di Xin Fruit / Earth Heart fruit — Main ingredient of making an elixir to increase internal power
丹药 – Medicine

神念 – Telepathy
元神 – Soul
青石板 – Quartzite
杂质 – Impurities
神力 – Divine power

Power techniques
The Rushing Thunder Hand
奔雷手 – Rushing Thunder Hand — The first power technique the MC practiced
雷厉风行 – Pass Like Thunder and Move Like The Wind — One form of the RTH
电闪雷鸣 – Lightning and Thunder — One form of the RTH
鬼工雷斧 – Ghostly Thunder Axe — One form of the RTH
平地风雷四招 – Leveling Storm Four Strokes — One form of the RTH
虚云劲 – Void Cloud Energy

The Cold Moon Beheader
冷月斩 – Cold Moon Beheader — Second technique, taken from the Zhang family
新月斩 – New Moon Beheader — First level, nine blades
缺月斩 – Missing Moon Beheader — Second level
圆月斩 – Full Moon Beheader — Third level

Fighting Techniques
云踪魅影 – Phantom Cloud Track — A movement/body technique

功夫 – Martial Power / Kung Fu
拳法 – Fist technique / boxing
掌法 – Palm technique
腿法 – Leg technique
剑法 – Sword technique
功法 – Power technique
身法 – Body technique / Agility

混沌 – Chaos
精灵 – Spirit
妖兽 – Demon beast
妖核 – Demon core
妖力 – Magical power
道行 – Magical skills
天材地宝 – Heavenly material treasure
神兵利器 – Magic weapon


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