Zhan Xian – Chapter 1 – Start

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Chapter 1 – Rebirth

People say that when he was dying, his life will be remembered with a lot of things done, especially those who missed him, regretfully, most people are not willing. Yang Chen is now in such a situation.

The first flash in the mind, Yang Chen, after falsely accused under desperate circumstances with nowhere to run to. Yang Chen’s culprit was in front, proudly clamouring, but Yang Chen was severely wounded, unable to resist.

“I killed people, I did that, so what? Who will believe you now? You are the murderer!” Yang Xi’s grinning face in front of Yang Chen was very clear: “I’ll tell you, I passed on the news, I cited Heaven’s few Lords too, I killed him, I falsely incriminated you, so what?”
(tl; 天门 – Heaven?)

“You’re despicable!” Severely injured Yang Chen, unable to resist Yang Xi directly, could only give a scolding.

“What thing are you? Also worthy of ten thousand years of Zhu fruit? Don’t you look at yourself in your own piss?” Yang Xi sneers: “I too had Heaven denounce you, you too covet Heaven’s little Master’s Zhu fruit, dark killer. Heaven rewarded me with Zhu fruit to kill you too. Blame it, blame you to be ignorant of current affairs, did your obediently surrendered Zhu fruit pay out, what, nothing happened? You, born of my Jian Zhong house, also deserve have have Zhu fruit? Also dare refuse my request?”


The second appearance was Heaven forcing Yang Chen’s beautiful Master to practice Ding Lu, the beautiful Master unwilling to do so, indignantly committed suicide.

“Yang Chen, go, how far you flee, do not think of revenge for me, to live, go!” The beautiful Master’s look in the eyes in farewell, so clear in Yang Chen’s mind, even in dying Yang Chen could also feel the wrenching pain.

“Master, blame me! Blame me for hurting you!” Yang Chen knelt before Master, choked with tears.

Because of one Zhu fruit, Yang Chen was framed by Yang Xi, and now even linked to Master. The modern-day Lord suddenly discovered Yang Chen’s beautiful Master turned out to have acquired full spiritual roots, at once making the decision to practice her own Ding Lu. The four days the Heaven’s Yuan Ying monks surrounded the Chunyang Palace, at the moment there’s no way for heaven to turn to earth.

“Yang Chen, go!” The firmness in beautiful Master’s eyes has not changed slightly. A blood lodged justice, Yang Chen was sent outside the encirclement, and Yang Chen to be the last one to see Master, the scene of her blowing up her Yuan Ying.

“Master!” Yang Chen bitter cry almost stretched for dozens of miles.


The third scene appears was Yang Chen was just soaring. Yang Chen thought hard before the soaring, finally able to get revenge, but he didn’t expect that he, one man, was only helpless in the face of Heaven’s major sects after all, at his wit’s end, he eventually had to soar. But after soaring, he still encountered the Heaven he relied on once upon a time in the spirit world.

“You’re soaring is also a waste, you are an example to others, letting them know the fate of offending me!” Originally Heaven’s Lord, now Heaven’s Lord’s deputy, sneered, watching Yang Chen, for he is under ban.

After soaring, every person could see Yang Chen’s miserable situation, but as powerful as Heaven is, everybody actually did not dare to have any complaints. Anyways, Yang Chen was to suffer hardships, everyone thought it was a lesson. But Yang Chen suffered several thousand years of misery for this reason.


But soon, Yang Chen was back to the memory of the happiest scene, it was the moment his beautiful Master gave his first flying sword.

“Yang Chen, this bright light sword, I refined specially for you, you have a good hand, spare no effort in practicing it!” Master’s slender fingers that holds the bright light sword, has been delivered in front of Yang Chen, at that moment is Yang Chen’s happiest moment in the road of practice.

The picture freezes, in the middle of the body came a piercing pain, Yang Chen could not help but scream out loud.


A long pitiful yell came from the mouth of Yang Chen, voice thick with the meaning of unwillingness, shocking the people all around.

“What person dares to clamour loudly in this place?” An angry shout passed on, followed by the sudden appearance of a lazy figure, seeing the crowd still gaping at the helpless Yang Chen.

“Clamouring in the place of entrance for no reason, so rude yet not in the entrance, this year’s spiritual roots test, you will not participate in it!” Yang Chen has not yet seen what he clearly looks like, whoever it was had big sleeves, Yang Chen was involuntarily launched flying, dancing in the air, and flew off into the distance.

Thump, Yang Chen fell heavily to the ground, for a long time unable to get up. But this pain was understood by Yang Chen, that he was still alive.

Easily alive under the demon’s blasting of ancient magic? This is simply amazing, what be this little bit of pain? Yang Chen, heart under ecstasy, awaited to be running Xuangong, to heal the pain, only to find himself with his body without a hint of magic.

Startled, Yang Chen was almost afraid to believe, once again mobilising, still nothing happened. Total mana loss? This is big trouble, Yang Chen’s mind quivered, suddenly just thinking of the scene. Entrance? Spiritual roots test? What is that?

Now Yang Chen discovered that he was already not in the demon battlefield of celestial beings, but in a very strange place. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, clouds and mist curling, looks like a rather look place to practice.

Struggling to sit up and crawl, Yang Chen unexpectedly found himself only wearing homespun cloth clothes, pressing around the waist, under his touch, he felt a sharp-edged machete.

Boom, Yang Chen’s mind was like a thunderbolt, and instantly came to understand that this was the time in past years to attend the entrance’s spiritual roots test. He was under the bombardment of demons,  not only not dead, but also back to his childhood.

“This is the mortal days outside Heaven’s gate!” Looking away with eyes that seemed to be filled with a familiar figure, Yang Chen thoroughly identified himself as reborn. Those people who are unfamiliar is because they have been forgotten long ago, a full ten thousand years.

However, no matter how long the time cannot eliminate his hatred for Heaven. The very day he entered Heaven, and later killed the few Lords, stays in his head. Then all the suffering, all that has to do with this incident, this sect is related.

From a large Luo golden immortal to suddenly becoming a mortal, except for hatred, Yang Chen’s mind does not know how to describe the mood at this time. But one thing is for sure, at any rate, he is still alive. The road to eliminate one hundred thousand fallen celestial troops and generals (tl; idiom pls), at least he is still alive, moreover living in the most exciting moments.


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      1. eeEEEHHH?! m,m-me? b,but.. i’m only a passerby..
        i’ll defy your order by time traveling to the past… (google’ing “how to make a time machine?”) …


    1. sorry mate i need to marathon new novels other wise i will go insane for the first chapter’s cliffhangars. so i am going to wait.


      1. i have no time yet,,
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          1. well, i do learn japan and chinese in my high school day ,, so maybe i need 2-3 month to recall and restudy all of the knowledge,,

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    1. what’s ding lu? I don’t even know as well. I know things like yuanying, but other stuff, nope. so that’s why i tl’ed one chapter so some other person, who knows this stuff, can do it so i can become a reader.


      1. Ask Ren Wo Xing to either TL it or give you some help. There is also Good Guy Person and his team if they will accept it. Those are the most active chinese translators that I know of, and they know the terms quite well.


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