E? Heibon Desu yo?? – Book 1 – Part 2

\(o,o)     \(o,o)/     (o,o)/

Changing invoke to chant. Invocation sounds awkward.
I hope I didn’t get Mrs Leone’s gender wrong too…who knows?

The Count Oliviria’s daughter Liliana – 2

Today, Miina taught me how to make mana-stones.
(tl; since it’s 魔石, should it be magic stone or mana-stone? Personally, I like excite.jp’s translation of it, which is ‘fairy stone’, it matches the book’s atmosphere, but w/e)

“A mana-stone is a strange stone that collects the power of magic.”

Miina picks up a white stone from the garden.

“The white stone will now be a mana-stone.”

When she said so, she quietly chanted a prayer.

“It’s done.”

When looking at Miina’s palm, the previously faint, white stone, now had had a beautiful colour like the ocean, with a mixture of green and blue.

“The white stone became a sealed stone. The stone is the core of the seal. When magic is used, the colour changes and when it is all used up, it will return to being white again. Why don’t you try making one too, Liliana?”

Miina picks up one the whites stones and placed it in my palm.
While closing my eyes, I poured magic into the stone clenched by my hand and made a chant.

“I made a mana-stone!”

The stone was changed into a dim amethyst.

“Congratulations, Liliana! It’s a big success! Normally, you can only use your own magic, but anyone can use the magic within a mana-stone.”

In other words, this is absolutely essential for the weak me!

“Miina, I want a mana-stone. How can we get them?”
“Liliana, I don’t think you will need them…but will you go to church tomorrow?”

Because my birthday will take place in the Oliviria territory, Gill is leading me there in his caravan.
(didn’t say, but she was probably in Filua village with Miina)
I made a promise with Miina to go to the city tomorrow.

“Miina, why do you go to church?”
“Because all the territory is concerned with Seirulen and the Gods. So, where there is magic and mana-stones, there is also a church. To get mana-stones from the church, a lot of money is required.”

I thought so, we need money after all…

“How does the church obtain the mana-stones?”
“All mana-stones made are donated to the church. It’s a rule. The church gives money corresponding to the mana-stone as gratitude. Though it’s no problem if the person who produced the mana-stone kept it, but it’s bad if they use and sell it selfishly. A donation will be given to the church tomorrow. I’m not sure how much money I have, but you can go shopping with it.”
“I see. Tomorrow will be pleasant then, Miina!”

◊  ⧫  ◊

When going back home and informing father, it seemed like a customer had come.
But even if I wait and wait, he doesn’t come out.

What are you talking about?

I was defeated by my curiosity, with bad manners I put my ear against the door.
When I did, father and the customer’s muffled voices were faintly audible across the door.
Moreover, I have the money, how do I thank you for your continued patronage, somehow those words have a bad feeling to them.

Don’t tell me, he displayed his softhearted nature again and is going to handle the money easily?

A short time later, father’s office door slowly opened, the customer came out of it.

“How do you do, customer? My name is Liliana La Oliviria. And your name, customer?”

When seeing the customer, he was a beautiful youth about in the second half of his twenties and floated a noble air.
Shining golden hair, clear, sky-blue pupils, and a perfectly arranged face.
Even though I’m already immune to this country’s beautiful people, this destructive power easily breached me.

“My name is Sid. It’s Sid Fidilu.” (シド・フィディール)
“Sid. There is a secret story. Please squat and lend me your ears.”

Thereupon, while Sid was smiling, he squatted to the height of my eye level, directing his left ear to me.
I made a gesture of adding both hands to Sid’s left ear− pretending, and slapped the left cheek with a right hand.

“Know shame! I wonder how you can walk a respectable life!”

◊  ⧫  ◊

The next day, Miina and the guard, Mr Ares…visited the church with Sid’s four people in order to beat them into good shape.
My disguise is also perfect.

Because the mana-stone room where you donate the mana-stones is small, Miina and Mr Ares proceeded to give a donation first.
Sid and I are looking at the altar while waiting.

“Sid. The word 『Seirulen』 is carved on the altar, but a small margin is between Seiru and Len. Why is that?”
“Ah, that. When the continent’s language was not standardised by the church yet, the country was using the old God language which was made in the time when the God calendar was used. The first letter of the alphabet of the old God language is Seiru, the last letter, Len. In other words, another word for Seiru is start, as for Len, it means end. Therefore, it is divided.”

Then, when it translates literally, Seirulen means the origin and the end.

When deep in talk, just like that, Miina and Mr Ares came back.
This time, Mr Ares and I went in the mana-stone room.

“Welcome! Are you offering today? Is it a donation?”

The grandpa priest, who seemed good-natured, received them while smiling and laughing.
I produced a small purse hung on a string from inside my clothes, and removed the amethyst mana-stone from there.

“Hohou! This is surprising. Never before was there such a mana-stone! This can’t be received as a donation.”

Is this a lie!?
Is my magic so puny that a donation is not even possible!

I also didn’t hear that the priest stopped with shock and left the mana-stone room.

Even if I went to the city in the caravan with everyone afterwards, the matter of the mana-stone was prolonged, and without being able to enjoy myself, I was here.
But, on the contrary, my heart for the city became animated, it was a enormous crowd.
I, in order to prevent getting separated, grasped Miina’s hand tightly, finally passing through the crowd.

“It was an enormous crowd of people. Mr Ares and Sid, are you alright?”

I call while looking back.
But there was no form of Mr Ares or Sid there.
Searching for the two while walking for a short while, Miina’s face gradually stiffened.

“Two men were following from behind throughout. Turn the corner and run to that house!”

Miina and I turned the corner and ran.
When looking behind, like Miina said, there were two men aiming for us.
Miina and I freely used magic, and escaped the two men, and hid in the shadow of a building.
However, at any rate, they caught up to them.
When they did, Miina came out of the shadow of the building to one of them.

“What are you doing, Miina!”
“Liliana, hide there, please. Because I will attract those people.”
“It’s useless, Miina!”

I was too late to try and bring her back, the men, who discovered Miina, chased after her.

God, please help Miina.

I joined my fingers, closed my eyelids and prayed.
At that moment, someone suddenly blocked my mouth from behind.


“If even the mouth is closed, magic is blocked. I sensed it.”

I was mortified and bit the hand as hard as I could.


The man knocked me down in an unexpected counterattack.
I saw the person and couldn’t believe it.

“Enough childish pranks.”

It was Sid there.

“It’s a lie…Sid…why…? Why do such a thing?”

I could not hide my shock, and gave out a scream.

“It’s still a secret.”

Sid said these words, and moved his mouth to my ear.
Thereupon, bit by bit, a choking feeling was felt on my entire heart making me grab it.

This feeling…no way, magic!?

“Become a doll.”

My words of refusal were slower, Sid’s voice grew hoarse.

“Voice won’t come out, and body won’t move? Because you’re my puppet, unless I cut the thread, you won’t move. So, it’s better to stop your wasteful resistance. …The sign of those two people have come back.”

Perhaps, it was the man of the duo who was chasing Miina a short while ago!?

“Well, be my eyes and be my ears.”

Sid muttered, and immediately disappeared before my eyes.
And then, that man appeared to show up and replace him.

“They’re very obedient. As one would expect, did you make up your mind?”

It would be impossible to make up your mind!
But, it seemed that Miina was able to escape in this case.
That was good.

When the first man seized my wrist, a pretty, decorated bracelet was equipped.

This, no way, a magic seal!?

The first man peered into my face and stopped moving.

“Hey, this pupil colour…lost kind?”
“No, that house’s collateral family’s blood was already purged. In the first place, the originator’s amethyst colour was also a purple with a dark reddish tinge, but the predecessor of the family has a light purple near to the lilac of flowers and incense. This is probably the ancestry of the present Lord. The blood is of the present Lord.”
“Really, that Liliana La Oliviria!”

That Liliana La Oliviria, in what way is that significant!

“It’s an unexpected profit.”
“Oi, wouldn’t the Lord’s daughter be a bad idea? What we gonna do if we get tracked?”
“Although I don’t know, you can’t chase the other one anymore. Well, follow and I’ll guide the Princess to the castle.”

The men are doing a theatrical performance deliberately, this is rubbing my nerves the wrong way.
At that moment, I was attacked by the choking sensation once more.

Impossible, Sid’s magic again!
And then, a voice faded inside me out of nowhere.

(Good night)

As though the puppet’s string was cut, I lost consciousness.

Again, a voice faded.

(Good morning, Sleeping Beauty)

That voice arrived just now and, little by little, my consciousness awakened.
When waking up, three young boys and girls were peering at me with great interest.


It’s a lie, you can talk!
Could Sid’s magic have stopped!?

“Here is the…former Lord’s castle. The men aren’t here, either.”

Looking behind the three surrounding me, there were about twenty people here, including me.
However, there isn’t a person who’s a grown-up among them.
And everybody had a magic seal attached to their hand.

“Everyone who’s here was captured and kidnapped.”
“That is so, kidnapped. Though you’re looking pale, are you alright?”

In order to examine my complexion, the three crowded around.

“It’s alright. Thank you for worrying. Everybody join forces to return home. Which reminds me, you still didn’t introduce yourselves.”
“I am the older sister of this child, Ellen (エレン).”

The eldest of the three seemed to fourteen years old, the girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, Ellen.

“My name is Kyle (カイル). Just call me Kyle.”

Seeming to be the same age as me, with red hair and green eyes, surely a boy with a mischievous impression.

“And, this child is Al (アル). So he’s not too talkative and is a quiet child, but a good child.”

Ellen gave the introduction of a seven year old boy with deep sky-blue hair.

“Best regards, Ellen, Kyle, and Al. I’m called Liliana.”

Also, my disguise already fell apart, at this point lying and deceiving is stinky.
(tl; would leave a bad taste in my mouth?)
So, rather than the village daughter, Lia, I identified myself as Liliana, which is the name of the Lord’s daughter.

“The Lord’s daughter surely can’t be called without an honourific. Please permit it, Miss Liliana.”
(tl; it’s ‘sama’, but you call young’ins ‘Master’, but it’s awkward so I’ll use ‘Miss’)

Ellen smiled wryly, on the side, Kyle and Al nodded in silence.

“Nevertheless, this is what we know about the former Lord’s castle.”
“I mean, such a large stone building can only be the former Lord’s castle. Besides…also in the past…”
“Also in the past? Something also happened in the past?”
“…Before the Lord abducted the territory’s people behind the scene. And the Lord’s castle is the confinement, before long we’ll be lead somewhere far away for slave dealers to take us away. Thirteen years ago, everything was made clear by anonymous reports to the King’s capital’s temple, the previous Lord was executed, and the new Lord…in other words, the Oliviria territory of Miss Liliana’s father came along.”
“The previous Lord…slave trade.”

I couldn’t hide my shock, and murmured, dumbfounded.

And, in addition, someone has caused these kidnapping incidents.

“Ellen, thank you for speaking. Escaping from here, we will absolutely catch that criminal. Never will such a sad event be repeated again.”
“Miss Liliana, do you have a good plan?”

Al asked, while coming near to me.

“First, I think we need to understand the current situation. Here’s the former Lord’s castle. And the men will probably also take action today at night.”

It’s because of that I’m here.
Concluding from the manner of speech from the men, my kidnapping was unexpected.
I ended up taking part in it, and immediately we will leave the Oliviria territory.

“Get out of here before that.”

The only chance to escape is tonight.

“Slave trade…in the world, what kind of purpose is there.”
“As for that, come.”

That said, Ellen naturally presented her left arm to me.
The magic seal, furnished with a lock, attached to the arm.

“Magic seals?”
“Rather than magic seal, accurately it’s a seal stone, which is the core of magic absorbing, and the mana-stone it changes into is the purpose.”

Is that so?
Without letting the church overlook it, those men are going to get mana-stones and trade in secret.
Uu, if only the magic seal is taken off, can you use magic to escape…oh!?

I recalled a certain thing, dug my hand into my clothes at my breast, and removed a small purse.
When I open the mouth of the purse, and turn it over on the palm of my hand, from inside, something with a cool and hard rolled out.

“Is that a mana-stone?”
“It is a mana-stone. Think how to use it. Ellen, using this mana-stone, please remove the magic seals with magic.”

Magic cannot be used because the source of your magic is absorbed as magic power.
Then, if I chant with an other person’s magic in the state with the magic seal, what would happen?

“Trying to use magic from the magic of a mana-stone while having magic seals… Still, I think it would be worth a try.”

Ellen concentrated on her imagination, closed her pupils and chanted.

When she did, her arm suddenly felt light, and a dull metallic ‘clank’ reverberated.
A lot of magic seals were scattered on the floor.

“The magic seal came off!”
“Hey! What was that sound just now!”

When they rejoiced, the angry yell of the male guard flew through from the other side of the door.

“It’s bad! He’s going to enter the room!”

The door was opened together with those words, the man’s, seeing the countless number of magic seals rolling in the room, face dyed bright red.

The magic seals coming off was exposed!
Hm? Magic seal?
Now I have the ability go and break out of the current situation!

“Sleep at once! I wish—-!”

While imagining the man’s figure sprawled out on the floor, I chanted in a with a large voice.
Just now, that man collapsed on the floor and made a great sound.

First of all, the first barrier breakthrough.

In order to escape, we went out of the trapped room.
It seems that we are at the top-most floor of the castle.
Though we’re tense, we’re descending one step, and one step again, of the stairs.
Like that, while proceeding to advance, I began to hear men’s faint voices.

“Ah…the one I told you to kidnap…isn’t there!”

Just now, perhaps…saying the ones for them to kidnap! Was that said?
In other words, the perpetrator of the kidnappings and the mastermind who instructed the kidnappings are here?

The mastermind if known, I cannot lose this unique chance.

I remained in place, everyone went away and left me.
I pushed my ear close to the door.

“Fumu. At the time of the donations, full names were recorded in the roster. Therefore, the identity of Miina Filua is known. But the girl that came in afterwards brought a first-rate mana-stone, but despite imitating us as charity she hurriedly left the room, I don’t know her identity… By no means at that time did I think that girl was the Lord’s daughter.”
(tl; raw says ‘daughter’ instead of ‘girl’, but referring the something as ‘daughter’, without saying who’s daughter it is, is awkward in English, at least for me)

Why does this person know the exchange of charity at the church?
The people who knew about the affair at the mana-stone room were me, Mr Ares, Sid, and…another single person.

“Oh well, if it’ll be, the Lord’s daughter will be taken hostage. I’m hoping there won’t be such a thing. I request you to do something on the side of the church, priest.”

The mastermind is the priest!

I immediately moved my body from the door, for the sake of joining everybody, and descended the stairs.

“What’s the matter, Miss Liliana? Are you alright?”

I, who ran off to the first blood before I knew it, met with Ellen again.
Thereupon, Ellen advanced to the opposite direction of the entrance of the castle.

“A guard is around the entrance, the carriage to take us out seems busy, so we should be able to affirm the situation. As expected, I judge that it would be difficult for us to avoid. So…I’ve decided to the secret, last measure. We’ve arrived. Here.”
“Here…is perhaps the chapel?”

While guided by Ellen’s hand, I approached an altar.

“Only the people in the Lord’s linage know that secret. However, thirteen years ago, the crimes of Lord’s predecessor were made clear, and the linage was purged. Therefore, the secret remained eternally as enigma. That secret is this secret chamber.”
(tl; or hidden room, but secret chamber sounds more mysterious)
“Secret chamber?”
“It’s so. Hide in this room, and wait for the men to give up and go out of the castle. The other children are already hiding, you hide in the secret chamber too. …For me, two contradicting bloods are flowing. Descended from my mother, who built a livelihood with all her might in town, and the one I hesitate to call my father, who didn’t think of the country’s population as people, either.”

When Ellen spoke about her mother, it was vivid, but when she spoke of her father, her facial expression oozed disgust.

“Me, Kyle and Al were burdened with this crime by nature. Only one pair of married husband and wife were recognised by the church. Therefore, only the children between that husband and wife were recognised. Like that, those children weren’t recognised as people, and thus, were nameless. But my mother gave a name to me. Taking charge of Kyle and Al, who were thrown away, and giving those children lovely names, too.”
(tl; the feels T.T)

It was said that nameless weren’t treated as people.
It’s easy to express in words, but thinking on the other side, the kind of treatment they received was unfathomable.

“Because I was nameless, without being recognised by the former Lord blood relative, it wasn’t possible to escape from the purge. Mother taught me of this secret chamber’s existence.”

When Ellen laughed daringly, she parted from my hand, and put her hands on the altar.

“Do you not hear my command! Altar, move!”

While making a thick sound, the altar was slowly moving by Ellen’s magic.
Looking at the place of the altar, an old-fashioned door appeared there.

“The secret chamber’s door.”

When the room’s door was opened, in order to hide themselves, everybody became firm. (tl; stopped moving)

“I’m glad it’s safe–”

Kyle spoke while turning his head to me, just as that happened, an expression of shock appeared.

“Hm? What’s wrong–Uvu~u–!”

From behind, someone suddenly blocked my mouth.

“““Miss Liliana!”””
“Damn, what’s in this room! Don’t use magic! This will be seen!”


Together with the man’s words something chilly was applied to the base of my neck, and I was injured with a prickling pain.
I never thought my neck would take on…a knife.

I’m afraid.
But, I don’t want be just a burden!

I bit down with all my might at the hand pressed against my mouth.


Just because he didn’t expect my counterattack, the man dropped the knife, and knocked me down to the floor.
However, the man hurriedly picked up the knife, reached out with his hand to seize me again, and brandished the knife above his head towards me.

Don’t touch me!
I don’t want to die!

Going with my emotions, I throw up words I wasn’t supposed to say.

“Noo—-! Don’t come here! Disappear!”

All of a sudden, intense vibrations attacked the Lord’s castle.


The man who was facing me lost his balance and fell down, the knife leaving his hands, and tumbled on the floor.
Everyone couldn’t endure the shaking and, while giving increasing streams, sat down on the floor.

“What did you do!”

The man grabbed my hair, and tried to make me stand up.
I naturally got teary eyes from the pain of my hair pulled on my scalp.

“It hurts! Let go!”

Matching with my screams, the vibrations became increasingly more and more violent.
The man lost his balance again, released his hold from my hair, and kneeled down on the floor.
When I glared at the man’s cloudy pupils, spreading in my field of vision, the figure of a man in black was projected behind him.

“If such a thing is done, it just becomes crueler.”

When straining your eyes, the person who was entirely covered by a black overcoat was there from the beginning.
However much the overcoat hides, it was impossible to hide this overwhelming intimidating air.

“And a tomboy Princess. I’ve come to help. But a Princess usually waits for help. And yet, you’re escaping by yourself.”

While everybody was losing their balance and not standing, only Sid was standing upright, while striking a pleasant joke as if nothing was wrong, he took something out of his overcoat.
That was a metal note (tl;card?), inlaid with a diamond in the centre, similar to a mana-stone.
Everyone was gazing at Sid with a strange face, but one person expressed wonder.

“Impossible, the dog of the church!?”
“And priest Nicholas. I’ll arrest you as Seirulen church inspector, Sid Fidilu, never again will you call me a dog.”

Seirulen church inspector!?
Not the kidnapper’s comrade.

Sid’s arresting the priest and the male kidnapper one by one.

“Thank for very much for coming to help, Sid! At any rate, this earthquake isn’t easily settled…moreover, it’s even more violent.”
“No, it isn’t an earthquake. Anyhow, because it’s only the former Lord’s castle that’s shaking. Besides, the vibrations will go away if this tomboy Princess stops it.”
“If I stop, it’s settled? In what sense?”
“You’re actually unaware of it!? This is beyond bad! Hey, these vibrations, these vibrations were caused by tomboy Princess’ magic!”
“Such a fool! My magical power is weak, it’s impossible to be able to use such amazing magic!”

Therefore, for that reason, I have suffered until now.

“It’s a lie… To say that excessive protection would have a limit for doting parents, too… As expected, my magic cannot hold it back. The foundation of the Lord’s castle will crumble down in just a matter of time. It’s too dangerous here, evacuate!”

We had shaky footing from the vibrations, but everybody got to the entrance of the castle and went outside somehow.

“It’s not shaking. The shaking is truly only the Lord’s castle…”

It was surprising that the ground did not shake.

“There’s all the members. Look out, tomboy Princess! You’re going to get involved when the castle collapses, get away!”

I thought of the last glimpse of the castle, and turned my head to the former Lord’s castle, casting my eyes from the bottom to the top.
And then, I recalled an important thing, and my complexion turned pale at once.

“I’m sorry, Sid! Please go first! On the top floor, there’s a man I cast sleeping magic on for the sake of escaping! I have to help that person!”
“If that’s the case, it’s reckless to return to the castle, stop your magic! Tomboy Princess, this magic was caused by you! Suppress yourself.”

I caused this magic?
If…if it’s the case that these generated vibrations were truly made by me…I’ll attempt a thing.

I closed my eyes, imagining the vibrations in the Lord’s castle to stop in my mind while chanting.

“Please! Stop it already! The castle, stop!”

I placed my expectations and opened my eyes, but the cruel reality spread out before my eyes.

“Vibrations…not stopping…”

I thought so, it’s useless with my power…
If only I didn’t use sleeping magic on that person…

Aah, God, please.
If you’re here, please give me help.

(Please, please help)

Just now, the tender voice of a girl was heard from everywhere.

“Sid, the voice just now?”
“Haa, it’s all right. Don’t worry about it, you’re hearing things.”

Sid said while breathing out a sigh, but judging from his current state, Sid heard it, too.

“The tomboy Princess is similar to my younger sister. I wonder, was there no such thing? The plant raised by themselves quickly grow, cut flowers don’t wither easily. Besides, looking at ill people and injured people, that person will recover within a few days.”

I nod.
Because the Oliviria territory’s soil is good, and the medical practitioner Mrs Leone, an expert in injuries, is here.

“Need you be reminded? That was not something accidental. It was tomboy Princess’ magic. The power which makes the impossible possible. That is magic. Tomboy princess, your magic is strong. Therefore, you can make the impossible possible more than anyone else. When you chanted some time ago, you were half in doubt of your own strength. Believe in yourself. And cause a miracle.”

Believe in your own strength.
That is so, right.
I believe that if I believe in myself, a miracle will happen!
I shall absolutely stop the vibrations in the Lord’s castle!

Mr Sirius said it before. (tl; I think I goofed up the quote in the previous part…)

『Liliana, image with your imagination, if you do not, remember nothing will happen. In that case, a miracle occurs』

Mr Sirius, now is that time.

I close my eyes to make my imagination clear.
Of course, using 100 magic power.

“IT’S BAD! The castle is collapsing!”

And I wished from the bottom of my heart.

“Protect that person——!”

I timidly open my eyes.
A fantastic scene spread out.
The fragments of the crumbling castle radiated light, while falling to the ground in slow motion and avoiding us.

“How terrific… Hey, look over there.”

Sid pointed to the sky.
Seeing what was pointed at, slowly falling and protected by light, there was the man that I used sleep magic on.
Sid and I rush over and cautiously check the man’s wrist.

“I’m glad that man’s safe. He’s only just sleeping.”

Sid gave a bitter smile at the man’s state.
I was way too relieved, losing power from my body, I lost consciousness.

◊  ⧫  ◊

The tender feeling of my hair and face brushed gently was sensed, I felt heavy and opened my eyes.

“Liliana, wake up!”
“Liliana, I’m glad you’re safe!”
“Mother, father… I’m sorry for worrying you. I returned home now.”

Ah, I’ve returned…
Wrapped up in happy feelings, I noticed I was shedding large tears.

“Liliana, why are you crying so much?”
“I never thought I’d be able to meet my family and everybody again, I was scared. And thus, it was good to be reunited. Also…in the Lord’s castle, the life of a person was exposed to danger. I’m terrible…”

Father and mother made a startled expression at my words.

“Liliana, don’t only blame yourself. Besides, Alice (tl; is Alice the mother’s name? Oooooh.) and I share the same offence about that, too. Liliana is reliable, although very young, it’s still to early to make excuses and run away. This time the consequences had gone to Liliana. That was inexcusable.”

Well, saying that, father wiped my tears and began to talk to me many things.

That the former Lord was trading slaves.
That our home was poor from providing funds to aid the victims and to protect people like Sid.
And the thing about my high magic.

To prevent my body and mind, father and mother concealed that.
I was always kindly protected by everyone.
So, this time–

“I’ll use this power for the sake of protecting everyone. But if this power ends up hurting people…”
““At that time, stop without hesitation.””
“Thank you…”

What father and mother said sounded like a terrible thing, this is for my indulgence.
Not only that, it’s how many I can save.

“Father…mother…I love you.”

After all, I love my father and mother very much.
Besides, a lot of people are also important.
This world is very dear.
So this power is used only for the purpose of protecting, not to injure.
And I ask about the important person who endeavoured to protect me.

“Hey, father, mother. What about Miina…”

◊  ⧫  ◊

With eager feelings that couldn’t be suppressed, I open the door without knocking.


Turning her eyes to the bed, the feeble figure of Miina laid down.

“I’m glad Miina is safe.”
“I’m glad Liliana is safe.”

The two people began to talk at the same time.
That was strange, we faced each other and laughed and giggled.

“Miina, I’m sorry…”
“Yeah, I didn’t like the way Liliana was injured as it was like something for me.”
“Miina is forgetting something important. If something happens to Miina, I’ll be sad!”

So right now, I’m so painfully sad.
Above all, I, who made Miina run down here, hate myself the most.

“Liliana, but I think it was good to save friends. I do not regret what I had done.”
“Friend? We aren’t friends. Miina, we aren’t friends, it’s 『Best Friends』! Miina, don’t you think so?”

Soul mates (心 友) means forgiving friends.
Honest friends (信 友) means reliable friends.
True friends (真友) means true friend.

For me, Miina is  a『Best Friend』in a sense that’s impossible to express in words to that extent.

“That’s right! We are not friends! It’s best friends!”

Because I was convinced at that time that my magic was weak, nothing was able to be done.
No, I tried to do nothing.
But now I am different from me at that time.

“I’ll promise. After this, from today onward, if something dangerous happens I’ll never force myself when I’m alone. I think that the person who cooperates as two people is the strongest.”

We made a pledge by hooking our little fingers and exchanged promises.

◊  ⧫  ◊

“I’m sorry for suddenly slapping last time!”

I apologised to Sid.

“Ah, that. I involved tomboy Princess in the kidnappings, it’s a draw.”
“A draw…rather, the change (money)…”

The weight of that was obvious, however, it was the first time for me in my hand.
It was quite a high fee.
Then, in exchange for the change, I wanted to hear one thing. (6)

“Of the things Sid said to me, I resemble your younger sister…perhaps?”
“Ah, correct. My younger sister held high magic power. It was only because my younger sister was unaware that I brought the example.”

Uwaa, somewhat well affinity.
I’d like to meet you sometime.

“Is your younger sister at Sid’s home?”
“No, my younger sister is already not in this world. My younger sister fulfilled a natural life span. She was not permitted to love, but still seemed happy, and laughed and died.”

Oh…walked a life somewhat full of ups and downs, your younger sister.
And to have died in a faraway place.
That is awfully…sorrowful.

“Passing away, it’s harsh.”
“Ah, passing away one by one is harsh, but also lonely.”

I said so, and laughed at Sid cheerlessly.

“But Sid, please be relieved. A soul is that goes around, and turns to something called the cycle of reincarnation. That cycle of reincarnation of family, lovers, friends, etc, it is said that the soul makes fated chance meetings many times in relation to that cycle of reincarnation.”

A soul mate.

“…Walking dictionary.”
“Isn’t it a nice idea!”

I didn’t meet people whom I had a relation in my previous life yet, so I don’t know if it’s true.
But I achieved reincarnation in this way.
If it is, I think it may be possible to have a chance meeting in the endless cycle of reincarnation
So that a happy reunion may visit Sid in the next world.

And I also hope to meet you around by fate as the soul of Yukari Tachibana.
I don’t know when it will be, but I pray for the miracle of meeting again by chance…
However, only this can be said confidently.

Also like before, I am happy!


24 thoughts on “E? Heibon Desu yo?? – Book 1 – Part 2

  1. “A soul mates.”

    Whatever this lesbian term is, i find it awesome.

    In otherwords, please review your work, read through it intently… otherwise you get mistakes like this.


      1. well for the story it self,, not so high (it’s warm) but for for other story,, hmm 😀

        just wondering,, is this final,, by your self,, just wondering,, is re: still do it..??


          1. hey,, i’m really sorry for all my comment before,, (it’s all cause of my little knowledge and misunderstanding)

            is this LN..??


          2. Ohai, No this is actually the “WEB NOVEL” which ends prematurely or the author hasnt put up new chapters/contents into it.

            THe Light Novel (which re-translations is working on) has more content~…. we’ll be posting that once its done (Editor and TLC Stages)


  2. まさか、またお人好しを発揮して、お金をホイホイと渡しちゃっているの?
    Don’t tell me, he display his softhearted again and gonna handle the money easily?
    Even though I already immune to this country beautiful people, this destructive power easily breached me.
    おい、さすがに領主の娘はまずいんじゃねえか? 足がついたらどうする??
    Oi, wouldn’t feudal lord daughter a bad idea? What we gonna do if we get tracked??
    But, I don’t want be just a burden!
    You gonna get involved when the castle collapse, get away!


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