E? Heibon Desu yo?? – Book 1 – Part 1

\(o,o)     \(o,o)/     (o,o)/

The Count Oliviria’s daughter Liliana – 1

My name is Liliana La Oliviria.
Though in the past, I possessed another name,

— Yukari Tachibana —

Because of a traffic accident my life ended, and now I live my life as the young Liliana. In other words — Reincarnation. It seems I’ve been reborn as a different existence. While keeping my memories of my previous life.

Furthermore, this place didn’t seem to be Earth. It was a new world. (parallel universe?)

When I was born into this world, I couldn’t accept the reality of my situation, so I just kept crying. But the situation would not change no matter how much I cried and screamed.

Because of this, while I was a baby I simply accepted my fate.

Moreover, while I was bawling my eyes out, my mother and father from the other world kept held me while look distressed. They gently stroked my head. It was then I decided.

I, who was reborn, came to accept my new life.

Because this was a different world, you would’ve trouble, right?
When I was seven, I was finally fluent with this world’s language! I persevered well, I did.

It was at this time that I finally noticed my situation. Surprisingly in this world I was born as the daughter of nobility, a count at that! Being an aristocrat’s daughter meant a life of stability and peace, but there was one problem…

Why are we so poor!?

This was a poor count’s house.

My parents were the cause. Both of them are kindhearted.

On one occasion, a youth wanted to start a business but had no funds. My parents lent him money without having written an IOU (I owe you). Later, this youth had run away with the money.

There was another instance where a suspicious trader had come around. He told my parents he had a good business deal, but would not tell them what it was unless they invested in it. When they obediently invested, they incurred heavy losses instead.

Both of them are good looking, possess good personalities and are quite intelligent. Yet their softhearted nature makes them instantly believe lies that could be seen through with little thought.

It was thanks to this that we were always in a desperate financial situation – even though we owned bountiful territory.

I don’t dislike my kind parents though.
In fact, I loved them very much.

After hearing the gossip of our house servants, which we minimal amount of due to our financial situation, aristocrats of this world generally do not see the lower-classes as people.

Where I came from, equality among others was the norm.

In this world, discrimination against those of lower social statuses was very common, and therefore I was proud of my parents, who treated everyone as equals.

Father inspects the fields everyday without fail, and even helps out with cultivating the fields. And despite being a wife of nobility, mother helps out with household chores.

They also shower me with lots of attention. As a child, you’d like to support parents such as these, right?

The civilisation of this world was at the level of medieval Europe. Surprisingly, the vegetation of this world is the same as Earth’s.

That’s why I believe there is some sort of meaning in being reborn with memories of my former life. I should find a use for the knowledge I have.
For I, who couldn’t make a difference in my previous life…

Will utilise my knowledge of Japan!

◊  ⧫  ◊

Today, I’m going to visit a farming village named Filua. It is necessary to grasp the current situation. So when I’d like to go on an inspection with father, I used my certain kill technique. (puppy eyes and pressed fingertips below chin, according to web novel)

In doing so, I am visiting Filua village with father and a travelling companion, Ales…

They left me!
I tried to come with them, but being a child, I was left behind at the village mayor’s house.

“Liliana, what do you want to play?”

A cute girl asked while pulling on my clothes. Her name is Miina Filua. A very cute child with matching chocolate-coloured hair and eyes and the daughter of the mayor! We are the same age too.

I was going to teach Miina the cat’s cradle (some string thingy) and play with her. But I shouldn’t idle around. I have to get accurate information about the village.

“Do the people of Filua village make a living by farming?”
“Yeah. There’s an uncle (familiar term with someone) who is also a hunter, but most of the villagers are farmers.”
“Because the village is surrounded by a forest, there must be a lot of leaf mold, that’s good for growing crops, isn’t it?”
“Huh? Liliana, what’s that?”
“Isn’t it the black earth under the fallen leaves? Right? The black earth, called leaf mold, is the leaves that have rotted. Ash is also good for fields”

…That should be right…

“Liliana is so smart!”

Miina stared at me with sparkling eyes.
When you look at me like that, I can’t tell you I might be wrong…

Though I didn’t fulfill my original purpose, for the first time I made a friend, Miina!

◊  ⧫  ◊

In a short while, I’ll be eight.

But I’m worried. Recently, the physical condition of my mother is not good. Now that my mother cannot move, she cannot do any housework. So I decided to help out with the chores.

Right now, I’ll try cooking!

Chinese steamed bread and steamed meat dumplings.
A bamboo steamer was made to cook this. Although father and mother thought this new dish was strange, they put it in their mouths.

“Liliana is a genius, isn’t she? They are wonderfully delicious!”
“This is a revolution in the culinary arts, the history of food will have a new page!”

Great! I was praised more than I thought!

Since then, I was taught some cooking. In addition, as gratitude, I was presented with cookware and recipes. If they have the ingredients, I can make delicious cuisine for anyone.

Several days later, mother dropped a bomb on my birthday.

“Your present is this! Liliana, you will have a younger brother or sister!”

I thought mother was sick, but it was just the symptoms of early pregnancy.

“Liliana, happy birthday! It seems you’re getting a younger brother or sister and there was no problem with your mother, isn’t that nice?”

Miina, who came to celebrate my birthday rejoiced while grasping my hand.

“Huh? Liliana, your hand is hurt!”
“I cut my hand a little while ago while I was cooking.”
“Liliana, I’ll heal it for you! I beseech thee, may Liliana’s wound be healed~”

Miina covered my wounded hand with her hand and I felt a slight warmth. When she removed her hand, the cut was completely gone.


Miina, what did you do!?

◊  ⧫  ◊

Big news!
Lo and behold, there is magic in this world! But I didn’t notice this until I was eight years old…
I learned that I was ignorant about this world and asked my father if I could be taught.

A beautiful, sculpture-like, yet deadpan, teacher came.

“I am Sirius Leodoor, I will serve as your daughter’s tutor from now on.”
“Pleased to meet you, teacher. Take care of me.”

A teacher who seems strict.
His hair was the colour of a crow’s feathers, his indigo eyes were as blue as the deep sea. He was a youth of 25 years of age and had a cold expression. Even the high-ranking people of this world are handsome.

“First, we will begin with the myth of how the world came to be~”

God lamented being the only one in this world.
As God’s tears fell, they created the Goddess of Land and the God of the Sea.
God learned of 『Creation』.

By focusing on a wish, it would come true.
From then on, God was no longer alone.
God kept on creating and ended with twelve Gods.

God created the plants and animals.
And eventually people, based on his own image.

But people were weak and fragile, unable to live on their own.
So God gave them a power to grant their wishes.

That is magic.

However, they were greedy and desired more power and even used the Gods in their wars.
Seeing his own children fight each other, God wept.

God forbade the other Gods from descending onto the earth and using their powers.
He took magic away from the people, causing the land and people’s heart to fall into ruin.

People regretted their actions, and reformed.
Once again, they prayed, they wished for those old days of peace.

Hearing their wishes, God granted them mercy.

Repeat not your mistakes, and thy protection shall be assured.
But should ye repeat them, chaos shall befall the land.
Call not the name of God,
Sway not the hearts of the Gods above.

There is but one name you may call,
The creator, Seirulen.

This world is called Seirulen.

『The Seirulen scripture — an unwritten law— 』

“And so, the Gods’ names were concealed. The countries of this world are protected by the various Gods, By following their God’s teachings, they can use magic. We reside in the Kingdom of Sherfield, protected by the Goddess of Beauty, Love and Good Harvest. Because of this, the Kingdom is full of beautiful people and sees beautiful harvests.”

So that’s the country’s characteristic~!

“Magic is the power to grant miracles. The key is to strongly wish for something, to desire. Whether the wish is granted, also relates to the size of one’s magic.”

So desire is the key, huh?

“The time after Gods’ names were concealed, was the beginning of the Seirulen calender. In history, the people of this world gathered round the children of God and soon made countries, And with these many countries, a continent was born. The people strong in magic received titles. That is aristocracy. In other words, aristocrats have powerful magic, and as your class goes higher, so does your magic.”

Going by this theory, I should have strong magic.
Although we are poor, we are still aristocrats.

“And the King’s family has very strong magic. It’s said that the royalty of the Sherfield Kingdom has more powerful magic than other Kingdoms. Do you know why this is?”
“Is it consanguineous (incest) marriage?”

To prevent the blood from weakening, marriage is repeated between relatives?

“No, it is because they are Demi-Gods.”

It is because of this?

“What kind of thing is this?”
“According to some, during the Age of the Gods, The Goddess of Beauty, Love and Good Harvests granted divine protection to one youth. This youth had gained a child, as for the child’s name, Sherfield. He was the ancestor and founder of this country, The King of the first generation.”

The child born between God and human.

Isn’t such a thing impossible to understand?
But a child born of human and God…

“Was Sherfield a God?”
“That is so. The child of the God of Creation, Seirulen. Until the third generation, those born of God were classified as Gods. Past the third generation are Demi-Gods and Spirits. It was because of the Goddess of Beauty, Love and Good Harvests that we have children of God. So I am a Demi-God.”

Even there is such a difference with Gods.

“To begin with, one cannot truly inspect whether the founder was related to the Gods. In order to receive the title of King, it was possible that one lied. But the King’s family has the strongest magic in the continent, so it mustn’t be a lie.”

When we have such powerful magic, it can’t be fake.

Then, Spirits!
There is magic and Spirits in Seirulen, hurray!

“Mr Sirius, are there are Spirits in Seirulen?”
“Spirits are found all over the world. The Gods hid their names, but a Spirit isn’t a God, so it’s possible for them to be in the human world when we’re here. They are a race that can go through the God boundary, the Human boundary and the Spirit boundary. All boundaries.”

Mr Sirius said they are all around the world, but I have not seen any yet.

“Mr Sirius, how can a Spirit be seen?”
“A Spirit exists in various places, in materials, water, fire, earth and even darkness and light. But they cannot be seen. A Spirit is seen by only the person who receives their blessing. Like God grants divine protection to a person, a Spirit also protects a person. They help with magic and strengthen your power. That is what a blessing is.”

I want to receive a blessing, I want to see a Spirit.

“It is uncertain if a person will be blessed. Those who have left their names in history have received a blessing. Even if they were bad.”

The degree of difficulty of becoming famous is too high.
It seems impossible for me.

“I want to see a spirit…how regrettable…”
“Please do not be discouraged. Though a Spirit may not be seen, you can still feel them. When a Spirit is near, you can feel it in the air.”
“When you feel the air change without using magic, a Spirit is near.”

Even if my previous life, you feel something near you, like a ghost.
So it’s that kind of feeling.

“By the way, when was your mana-seal removed? I feel that you are constantly giving off magic.”

Mana-seal, what’s that?

“Magic moves through desire. A baby cannot control their good and bad feelings, and recklessly cast magic. The things that prevent this are mana-seals. Generally, a seal is made into the shape of an accessory. While a child is growing, they are taught magic, and once they reach the point of control, the seals are removed.”

When I was born, a necklace was put on me. And when I was seven and could finally talk, mother removed the accessories, saying they were unnecessary.
If you make a mistake, it’ll be a crisis out of control!

“I know, they were removed when I was seven years old. By the way, I wasn’t given an explanation of magic. It was clearly a dangerous decision, right?”
“…It is. Fortunately you were safe for one year. Liliana, you must understand magic immediately”

Understanding magic is a priority for the safety of yourself!

“First, you’ll measure the maximum amount of your magic. It is calculated by looking at how long you can use it. The more magic you put in, the more powerful it gets”

It seems like a gauge from a game, don’t you think?

“When one’s magic power is exhausted, you will feel extreme fatigue. So in order to prevent this, you will use little magic. You must use your imagination and clearly imagine the phenomenon. If you are ambiguous, it won’t be as strong. Using magic means imagination is key.”

It would be advantageous for a person to be delusional.

“Is there something like an chant in magic?”
“When magic is used, a chant is necessary. Though an individual’s imagination can be a substitute for a chant, it’s not always good. Even for something small, you should use a chant. Now that you understand magic, it’s time to practice.”

We came in front of a small pond in the back of the garden to practice. I’ll make ripples on the surface of the water with my magic.
Simple and easy.

I imagined while closing my eyes, and opened my eyes after casting the magic.
The pond was calm with not a single ripple of its surface.

I failed—!

When I fall over disappointed, Mr Sirius, who seemed a bit tired, spoke to me.

“Liliana, this time forget about the numerical value of magic. That should help you succeed.”

What? Because I was conscious of my magic gauge I failed?

I stand by the edge of pond once again, I tilt my head to the side and close my eyes so it is easier to imagine.

“A ripple forming on the surface of the water!”

Slowly opening my eyes, I see a small round shape formed on the surface of the water.
A ripple spread out making a clean circle.

“Mr Sirius! I made a ripple!”

I can use magic, too!

I look back a Mr Sirius.

“Congratulations, Liliana. Though your magic power is like an infant’s and is not matched with your body yet. Using magic you mustn’t be conscious of how much to use, otherwise you won’t be able to.”

Like a baby…my magic is that weak…

“Liliana, image with your imagination, if you do not, remember nothing will happen. In that case, a miracle occurs.”
“Yes, I understand.”

The sign of a person in the lake made me turn back.
It’s a Spirit!

I immediately looked back, but that sign was gone. Without being able to hide my regrettable feelings, I faced Mr Sirius again.

Mr Sirius, who seemed to be in pain for some reason, had a crushed expression.

◊  ⧫  ◊

There was an announcement that the Queen of the Sherfield Kingdom became pregnant. Because she was the Kingdom’s crowned Queen, the country was in celebration. In the Oliviria territory mother was pregnant as well, so there was even more celebration.

“I’m your older sister. Are you growing up well?”

While quietly stroking my mother’s swollen stomach, I spoke. The medical practitioner, Mrs Leone, saw this and heartily laughed. In my previous life, they were called doctors.

The expert practitioner of fifty years entered the room. Her iris were the colour lush, vivid green and her hair was as pure as snow.
Today was mother’s medical examination.

“As for the passage, there is no problem. In addition, a great thing was revealed. Congratulations. Inside your wife’s stomach are twins”

So twins will be born!

“Twins are a very joyous thing. There are three sets of twins in the twelve Gods according to Seirulen’s myths. There are many twins in the genealogy (descendants of an ancestor) of the Gods.”

The twelve Gods, excluding the God of Creation, Seirulen, consisted of six women and six men.
Among them, six of them were twins?

“Hou~ twins here are a blessing from the Gods.”

Though delighted, I am worried. In my previous life, giving birth to twins was very serious…

The thing I can do is simple.
I’ll support mother with knowledge from my previous life.

I promptly decreased the salt in our diet, and while walking, I would massage mother.

But Mrs Leone was opposed to that…
She said that pregnant women should stay in their room and completely rest.

It’s said that this medicine was quite late though. So even though Mrs Leone said not to, I decided to do small things for her”

I did that and met with the day of destiny. The time where night was advancing, was when the tearful voice of a lively baby resounded in the house.

“Also thank you very much for your help, Alice and my loving family. Our new angels are a baby boy and girl”

Father gave the words of appreciation to mother.

My younger brother and sister.
Born first, was my brother, he had the silver hair of his mother. His left eye was amethyst, inherited from father, and his right eye was amber, inherited from mother.

Born afterwards was my sister.
She had the golden hair of her father. Her left eye was amber, inherited from mother, and her right eye was amethyst, inherited from father.

Both of them have odd eyes.
(Heterochromacy, rare stuff ya kno)

“I thought it would be a difficult delivery, but it was shorter than I though.”
“Don’t you think? When Liliana was born, it was much more serious. When she was finally born, she didn’t cry and the colour of her skin was bad…”

My birth…the early crisis of my life…?

“Without giving up, Mrs Leone had turned Liliana over and with all her effort, removed the mucus from the nose and mouth.”

I have no memory of that time.
In other words, it was a truly dangerous time for me…

“When she first cried, my tears were flowing”

Father was troubled.
I’m living now thanks to the acts of Mrs Leone. I can’t thank her enough.

“By the way, did you decide the names of the two?”
“His name is Radius and her name is Retishia.”
“It’s Reti and Radi”

Later, a celebration for their arrivals will happen. With a thankful intention, I lowered my head to Mrs Leone.

“Mrs Leone, thank you for everything.”
“It’s nothing, because I practiced on Liliana, the passage was good and it was an easy delivery.”
“No, Mrs Leone, thank you, really!”

She shook her head and looked straight at me.

“I learned very much from Liliana. In the future, you should help pregnant women too and have an effect on them. By spreading your knowledge, many people can be made safe because of you.”

As expected, Mrs Leone is a wonderful person.
At first, she wasn’t very flexible. Such is the natural attitude of a medical practitioner. They understood that careless mistakes can affect a life.
Therefore, I was opposed.

“Because life is very important, you tried to stop me. But you finally accepted. I think that’s a very difficult thing. Thank you very much, Mrs Leone.”

Mrs Leone floated a smile across her whole face.

After a while, great news was announced in the Sherfield Kingdom.
In the Sherfield Kingdom, the princess Merril Lawes was born.
The kingdom was full of joy.

◊  ⧫  ◊

Welcome to the Oliviria territory!
A caravan came here yesterday. With favour from the Lord’s town, street stalls (trading route?) were connected. Groups of merchants load their goods in their horse-drawn carriages and unite together to travel.

I immediately came in a disguise with style!
I’m with Mr Ales who is my guard, too.

Although, if you notice…

“Mr Ares, where are you!”

Though I called, Mr Ares did not appear.
It’s a lie. Am I a lost child?

A kind Santa Claus-looking person named Gill extended their hand to me while I was at a loss. The kind Gill helped search for Mr Ares with me.

And because it’s troublesome just looking for him, he suggested that we tour the crowded marketplace for information.

The conversations grew lively at the clothing store. You could see plenty of dresses designed with ribbons and laces. Instruments were played and plays were performed nearby.
It was fun around the stalls.

We, who seemed to get tired by frolicking too much, decided to rest in the shade of a tree. Then, I decided to ask about the matter at hand.

“Is Gill possibly a merchant?”
“That is correct.”
“People in the streets payed attention to you, their were gazes directed towards you. In other words, you’re a wealthy merchant who attracts the attention of others”
“As a merchant, I already retired. When I was young, I toured the countries in the continent and traded various wares.”

There are twelve countries in the continent and there are twelve Gods.
He is under their protection, isn’t he?

Gill, who went to various countries.
But did he drink this?

“There is something I want you to drink.”

That wasn’t the only purpose I had in mind when coming to see the street stalls in the caravan. I wanted to ask him to take a look at this.

I took a small water canteen out and handed it to Gill.

“It smells good, but this black liquid…what does it taste like?”
“It isn’t dangerous, please drink it by all means.”

Although he had an unsure expression, Gill made up his mind and finally drank the black liquid.

“Ooh! This feeling, lovely!”
“The drink is called coffee.”
“In all the various places I’ve been, I have not seen or heard of this.”

Surprisingly, this coffee is made from a dandelion.
It’s merchandise, and without funds to make it, you won’t be able to market it, right? Because everybody can make this once the raw materials and process is learned about, I wanted to keep this a secret.

“Gill, who admits a merchant’s integrity over any other would want this coffee…?”

Because there is no coffee or black tea in this world.

“That coffee is wanted, but it also depends on the cost.”
“Seems you are interested. If your interest is not lost, then please come to the Lord’s house tomorrow.”

As expected, I cannot bargain here.
I’ll just rely on father.

“Gill, as for my true name, it’s Liliana, Liliana La Oliviria. I am the daughter of the Lord who rules the territory of Oliviria. Sorry, for not telling you until now.”
“Then I shall introduce myself once more, my name is Gill Risheri. Similarly to you, I hid the fact that I was a merchant. Tomorrow, I will ask the Lord.”
“It seems I have good fortune because of Gill. I’m going to make coffee local specialty of the Oliviria territory for my dream. To establish a school!”

There are no school in this country.
Though a church teaches, some children must work and cannot participate. Because they are poor. New employment opportunities will be made with the production of coffee. If the poor are specifically employed then, even they, can get out of poverty. When becoming rich, children do not need to work and will be able to receive an education in school. As demand for coffee increases, so will employment.
I hope that many children will be able to come to school from this.

“School is a place of learning. Where you meet irreplaceable friends. It is the place where you can find your 『Dream』. With the coffee, I hope to receive the funds to make such a thing possible.”

I want people to have freedom of choice.

After my words, Gill breathed in.

“I would like to assist in your dream so the young do not lose anything. Soon, my great-grandchild will be born”
“Oh, is that so? Gill will be a great-grandfather?”

I say jokingly.
When I do so, the body of Gill began to tremble little by little.

“Are you hurt anywhere!?”
“It’s different, in the future I’m going to be a great-grandfather!”
“Aahh…I see.”

I do not mind at all about this, but I wonder why this happened so suddenly?

When I titled my head on one side, a familiar voice resounded.

“Ah! I finally found you!”
“Mr Ales, where did you go? I was worried.”
“I’m sorry. There was a slightly fascinating street stall, I regret…”

I part from Gill, and returned to my house with the Mr Doubtful Ales.

“Father, I’ve returned. The city was very fascinating. I saw various stores and went around them. And grandpa Gill, kindly guided me. Moreover, he was a merchant! He’s coming by the house to talk about coffee tomorrow.”
“That was a nice accident, Liliana. Thanks to you, coffee will be an important treasure of the Oliviria territory. Thank you very much”

Father smiled kindly.
I tried to return the smile, but anxiety suddenly crept into my head.

“I worried, once the raw material for coffee is put out there. Everyone will make coffee and sales will begin. When that happens, the necessity to buy in the Oliviria territory is gone.”

How was such a problem settled in my previous life.
When I was desperately tracing my mind, a single word was found.

“A patent, father!”
“Patent? Are you talking about a patent-like thing?
When there is a patent, the one who created the technology can monopolise the business. It’s a special privilege given by His Majesty.”

When you receive the privilege for coffee, poor imitation is not possible to be done, right?

“Father! We want a patent!”
“I thought you would say so, Liliana. I will make the arrangements and we should be able to receive one.”
“That’s good. Don’t you think? With one, we can manage people who make the coffee with strange materials.”

I’m relieved and am losing my strength.
When that happened, I was already half-asleep.

I was held by father with warmth and fell asleep.

Used Re:Translation’s translations and the manga as reference, so credits to them


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