E? Heibon Desu yo?? – Prologue

\(o,o)     \(o,o)/     (o,o)/

Prologue – High School Girl Yukari Tachibana

My name is Yukari Tachibana.
I’m a female high school student who attends a public high school.

I don’t have a father, so my mother raised me by herself.
Before I was born, he had died in a traffic accident.
At that time, my mother was mentally ill and decided to have an abortion.

But people always stood by her.

Relatives, friends and co-workers were worried about her.
But I was always with her.
My mother, who was touched by their kindness, gradually regained her will to live and gave birth to me.

I was given a beautiful name
— Yukari —

“Yukari”, meaning the fate that had brought them together.
The connection between one person and another.

My mother had given me this name so I could treasure these kind of things.
She had told me that while looking slightly embarrassed.

Thank you, mother…
And good bye.

It seems I resemble father more than I thought.

Today, I was run over by a car.

I hope my mother can be healed once again by her bonds between people,
so she realises she is not alone.

That was my last recollection as Yukari Tachibana.

Used re:Translation’s prologue


8 thoughts on “E? Heibon Desu yo?? – Prologue

  1. Math class finally ended! yaay!
    *read chapter* Nooo! Yukari’s mother please dont cry.. yukari is in a better place now..she’ll be happy and made a lot of friends.. so please cheer up!


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